Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter Me BABY!!!!!

So, I have OBVIOUSLY been missing in action for a few months. I left Atlanta and relocated back home to Columbus, Ohio. Life here is VERY different *cough* slower *cough* than life in Atlanta but I'm trying to make it do what it do. Even though Columbus is home, I had been gone for 5 years so I have been taking the past few months to get settled, get a new feel for the city, and also live this thing called MY LIFE!!!!!!

I am starting a new website along with my business partner called . The website will be a bigger, better, extension of StyleRazzi. Right now, the site is home to a weekly event listing of all the hot parties in Columbus.

Until it "officially" launches, you can follow me on twitter. What you will see is that I am the same old StyleRazzi I have always been. Only this time you will see a much more personal side of me!!!! So, follow me by clicking the "Twitter" logo above or simply go to (

I love all of yall and thank those who have continually supported me through thick and thin!!!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trey Songs "I Need A Girl" Video Flicks

This past weekend, Trey Songz was spotted out in Malibu, CA shooting the new video for his single "I Need A Girl"!!!! The video was directed by Benny Boom so yall know it's guaranteed to be HOT!!!!!!!

Beautiful shot!!!!

I love how they cast a variety of women of different shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnic backgrounds for this video!!!! Trey definitely doesn't seem to discriminate on this one!!!!

WHEW!!!!! Trey's new cd "Ready" is slated to hit stores June 30th........ I think they should've put Trey in some spandex swim trunks for this shot, but I'm sure he can't wear tight trunks cause...............

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ray J & Elle- Let the Body Language Speak For Itself!!!!

Ray J is eye-fcuking Elle Duncan of V-103!!!!!

And I think she likes it!!!! HAHAHA

I need to know what it is about this man that makes women go NUTS!!!! I saw the video. Cute. But not enough to make me swoon!!!... This photo is ALMOST as bad as the Mya & Gucci Mane flick!!!

New Video: Maino ft T-Pain "All The Above"

I saw Maino perform this live at Velvet Room this past Sunday and became an instant fan of the song!!!! Hopefully this video and track gets alot of love down south!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chris Brown Loves His Island Girls

I was checking out Sandra Rose and saw this post about the chick that supposedly sent the long text message that initiated the entire Chris Brown & Rihanna fight!!!!!

The chick is a 27-year old model named Natasha Ellie. I have seen her playing lead in a bunch of videos and also recognized her as one of the models from the popular Miami based agency Ethnicity Models. You can check out her Ethnicity page HERE!!!!!!

Natasha is a self-proclaimed "Haitian Sensation" and it has been confirmed on other sites through her rep that she and Chris Brown met a few years back in Miami on a video set. It was not confirmed, however, if they had been involved in a sexual relationship. To read the entire story, head on over to Sandra Rose.

I have come to 2 conclusions about Chris Brown- 1) Chris likes older women and 2) Chris loves an island girl!!!!!

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