Friday, January 30, 2009

Toccarra Launches "Fabolous Workout DVD"

Toccara has taken her stint on VH1's Ce;ebrity Fit Club to the next level and has recently launched her own workout DVD for the "Real Size Woman". The DVD is available now for $19.99 with free shipping. For more information, log on to!!!!

CLICK HERE to view the DVD Trailer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elle Duncan Get V-103 Midday Slot

So, the announcement was made that Elle Duncan will now take over the 10-2pm midday spot at V-103. Congrats to Elle. Any promotion is great but I am disappointed with their choice.

Yall may remember that Porsche Foxx was abruptly let go late last year as the midday personality at V-103. Since then, Ramona Debreaux has been filling her shoes. Ramona had previously been the midday personality at Hot 107.9. I think Ramona would've have been a much better permanent V-103 10-2pm personality.

Well, good luck to Elle Duncan in her new position. I know I will be tuned in to Hot 107.9 and Rashan Ali and also the new 107.5 R&B station!!!!!! Sorry V-103, you lost one midday listener. Elle needs to be on TV or something. Not by herself from 10am-2pm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fabolous' 5 Credit Cards Get DECLINED?!?!?

Via NY POST: Faboluos went from "Nothin' to Somethin' " on his last album, but at an Atlanta restaurant, his credit is back to nothing.

The rapper showed up at the hot Eros World Tapas Bar on Saturday with an entourage of more than 20, a source said. They requested "the usual excess of champagne and alcohol, so the manager asked for a credit card to start a tab."

Unfortunately, Fabolous' credit cards were all declined. "By the fifth credit card, the entourage member designated to take care of his tab goes outside," our source said, "only to start a fight with the outside bouncer.

He tripped and fell, hitting his head on the concrete and started bleeding. The manager called an ambulance. But as soon as the entourage member also saw the police, he began running away, blood oozing down his face."

Fabolous and his posse stayed and ordered champagne but paid cash. Reps for the restaurant and the rapper declined to comment.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Beanie Babies Make "Malia" & "Sasha" Dolls- Didn't Get Permission From the First Family

Via MSNBC: CHICAGO - The company that made Beanie Babies a top toy craze is hoping for another winner with dolls named “Sweet Sasha” and “Marvelous Malia.”

Now where have we heard those names before?

Ty Inc. has released the 12-inch plush dolls as part of the company's “TyGirlz Collection,” introduced in 2007. The Sasha doll has pigtails and wears a white and pink dress with hearts. The Malia doll has a side ponytail and a long-sleeve shirt with capri pants.

The Oak Brook-based company chose the dolls' names because "they are beautiful names," not because of any resemblance to President Obama's daughters, said spokeswoman Tania Lundeen.

“There's nothing on the dolls that refers to the Obama girls,” Lundeen said. “It would not be fair to say they are exact replications of these girls. They are not.”

Public figures have a legal right to control their how their images are used, but Lundeen would not comment on legal issues or if the company's lawyers have become involved with the dolls.

“I'm not an attorney. I can't answer that,” she said.

The dolls have "real doll hair" and the suggested retail price is $9.99, Lundeen said. The dolls were introduced in early January and a limited supply has been shipped to retailers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Notorious Review: 10 Questions that Made Me Go HMMM......

So, I went to go see the movie NOTORIOUS this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The movie is definitely a MUST SEE!!! But, at the end of the movie, I found myself asking myself these questions:

1. Why did Lil Biggie write with his left hand and older Biggie write with his right hand? Was Biggie
ambidextrous and we just never knew?

2. Who's idea was it to have the Lil Kim & Biggie sex scene and was all of that necessary?

3. And, thinking of the sex scene, wasn't Biggie tittyballs bigger than the Lil Kim Character?

4. Does anyone ever remember Lil Cease looking as busted as they tried to portray him in the movie?

5. Did Diddy actually APPROVE of them letting Derek Luke portray him as the dancing, talking too damn much clown he really is?!?!

6. Was the Faith character REALLY singing? And, if so, where is her record deal?

7. Am I the only one not impressed with the 2Pac character they cast? HORRID CHOICE- wasn't at all convinced by him, Lil Kim or Lil Cease

8. Where was Charli Baltimore at in the movie? She was a major point in Big's life, wasn't she?

9. Who is the FINE DUDE that played Biggie's dad?!?!? WHEW!!!!

10. Why didn't they play "One More Chance" during the whole movie, or re-enact that video?!?!? That is arguably the hottest song and/or video in hip-hop history- IMO!!!

** Bonus Question- WHY must people bring their toddlers and babies to see a rated R movie showing at night?!?!!? There were a few kids at the 9:15pm showing at Phipps this weekend and it almost ruined the whole movie, but the parents took the kids out of the theater when they started crying!!!!

Also, I'm not impressed that there was another ticket handler checking tickets right before you could get to the Notorious movie- which happened to be the last theater screen on the right. Why must Phipps treat "US" so bad?!?!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sneak of the Week: LV Steven Sprouse Collection

So, when blog homie Necole Bitchie posted the above photo of ex-Roc chick Teairra Mari rocking the new Louis Vuitton Graffiti leggins, I damn near lost my mind!!!!! Today, Necole posted a cheaper version of the leggins but the $70 price tag is still a bit out of my recession range. So, I decided to scour the web for an even cheaper version and came across these sneakers......

Now, I'm not a sneaker head by any means!!!! I HATE shoes that don't have a heel. But I would rock the hell out of these sneaks!!!! How much yall wanna bet Tiny will be the first urban celeb to rock these fly ass kicks!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peachtree TV's New Series: Welcome to Dreamland &

HAPPY 2009!!!!! Sorry for the lack of posts in this new year!!!! Sometimes, this thing called LIFE happens and interferes with those things that are routine!!! I have many things in the works, both personally and professionally. I haven't forgotten about any of my readers and I will try my best to get things back to normal!!!!! LOL!!!

Now on to the people that NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!!.......

Peachtree TV’s WELCOME TO DREAMLAND is a six episode series that will debut with back-to-back episodes on Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Subsequent episodes will premiere on Monday nights at 10 p.m. with finale set for Feb. 16.

WELCOME TO DREAMLAND features producers Jazze Pha and Drumma Boy. They compete with each other to see who can develop the best act. WELCOME TO DREAMLAND follows along as performers are put through an intense development process with producers, songwriters, stylists, designers and photographers. The winner gets the chance at stardom.

WELCOME TO DREAMLAND is the creation of recording artist Vawn and Jeff Wood of Yard Productions. It is being developed and executive-produced by James DuBose and his DuBose Entertainment. Vawn is also executive-producing and hosting.

Also, premiering this month on Peachtree tv........In a roomy mansion nestled in the suburbs of Atlanta, legendary R&B singer-songwriter-producer Keith Sweat is giving the once mega-hot R&B group Dru Hill the chance for a comeback. But first, the group must spend 30 days holed up in the house together to work on music and, more importantly, resolving the personal differences that have prevented them from recording a new album since 2002. Dru Hill’s month-long experience is the focus of Peachtree TV’s brand new original program KEITH SWEAT’S PLATINUM HOUSE, hosted and executive-produced by Keith Sweat. The one-hour special is set to premiere on February 23, 2009, exclusively on Peachtree TV.

Throughout the special, the members of Dru Hill endure highly emotional therapy sessions in between working on their vocalizations and recording. They also have an opportunity to come to terms with a former member of the group. It’s a long and frequently frustrating struggle for everyone, but once they start laying down tracks, there is a glimmer of hope that they might actually be able to pull off a much-needed comeback.

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