Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter Me BABY!!!!!

So, I have OBVIOUSLY been missing in action for a few months. I left Atlanta and relocated back home to Columbus, Ohio. Life here is VERY different *cough* slower *cough* than life in Atlanta but I'm trying to make it do what it do. Even though Columbus is home, I had been gone for 5 years so I have been taking the past few months to get settled, get a new feel for the city, and also live this thing called MY LIFE!!!!!!

I am starting a new website along with my business partner called . The website will be a bigger, better, extension of StyleRazzi. Right now, the site is home to a weekly event listing of all the hot parties in Columbus.

Until it "officially" launches, you can follow me on twitter. What you will see is that I am the same old StyleRazzi I have always been. Only this time you will see a much more personal side of me!!!! So, follow me by clicking the "Twitter" logo above or simply go to (

I love all of yall and thank those who have continually supported me through thick and thin!!!!!


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