Monday, March 2, 2009 Presents "A Night with King James"

Lebron & fiance Savannah (who needs a ring when you have THE BLACK CARD!!!!!)

Garner Circle PR in Conjunction with and Lebron James held their exclusive party this past Saturday at MF Restaurant in Buckhead Atlanta. Now, I would be bringing yall the exclusives from inside, but this little thing I have called "CP Time" kept me from getting to the party before they stopped leting folks in. (Note to self: NEVER try to attend an exclusive Lebron James Event at Midnight!!!!)

Anyway, here are the photos sent over from The Garner Circle (shoutout to Nicole Garner and Daniel Dickey!!!!). The place was packed wall to wall with celebrities and the flyest women in Atlanta (minus 2 HaHa)

Tomika Skanes (model)

Blogger and producer Ike Dirty

T-Boz & D-Woods..... T-Boz is sooo lucky!!!! She is the only person that has kept her hair the same style for so long that the look came BACK in style and is now fly again!!!! From 1992-2009!!!!

Takeo Spike and Carlos Emmons (51 Ways)..... I wonder if Takeo and T-Boz are still dating? Takeo arrived at the event that night with Carlos and a little entourage. And, I have been seeing Takeo a whole lot lately without T-Boz by his side...........

Nicole Garner (Garner Circle PR) and She'ree (I heard that before she became "15-minute famous" her name was simply Sheree- no accent!!! LOL

Polow Da Don & Lebron

Lebron & Jazze

Lebron & Chubbie Baby (Ohio was definitely in the building)

Devyne, Polow, Lebron

On of the Jagged Edge twins. Sidenote: Greg Street played a new song from the twins on his show last week- FIRE!!!!!!! I love Dru Hill as a group, but NO ONE can top Jagged Edge (IMO)

Jermaine Dupri

Devyne Stephens

Candice Stevenson (model) (Don't know who this fella is with her but I can safely assume that if Candice is talking to him, he sure ain't broke!)
*singing "I ain't saying she a gold digger..........."*

Bu (Konvict Music)

Bow Wow

Brian Michael Cox rockin the turntables!!!!
Photo Credits:Prince Williams & Kat Goduco

6 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Anonymous said...

Y everytime i see polow he has on that SAME white tee?? jus askin! LOL @ some of those pics! HOT MESS!

kp said...

T-Boz is sooo lucky!!!! She is the only person that has kept her hair the same style for so long that the look came BACK in style and is now fly again!!!! From 1992-2009!!!!
I'm over here in tears....BUT SO TRUE love it! LMFAOOOOOOO

And Lebron & fiance Siovaughn make a cute couple. She's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

the dude that Candice is talking to is Delonte West... he's a starter for the Cavs... and you're right... he ain't broke!

Anonymous said...


Can we get a hot shoe post?


Anonymous said...

When is Nicole Garner going to HIRE A STYLIST? She always looks a mess.

Anonymous said...

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