Thursday, February 19, 2009

Via The Premier, The Hon. Dr. Michael E. Misick, MP has resigned, effective March 31st. Misick, in a statement issued late today indicated that he has no intention of contesting the PNP Leadership election on the 28th of this month.

Misick came in for very tough criticism during the Commission of Inquiry, led by Mr. Justice, Sir Robin Auld.

Several Ministers of Misick's government have resigned, creating a near constitutional crisis based upon the criteria of 5 elected Members necessary to form a legitimate Cabinet.

Misick is known for his flamboyant style and in previous interviews with the Free Press, he has expressed a burning drive to move the Turks and Caicos from an island agrarian society (subsistence economy) to an advanced highend luxury destination.

In discussions with the House of Lords Committee on Overseas Territories, Misick said, "we were moving fast. Some mistakes were made". Today a spokesman for The Premier said: "Look around you, none of this was here 6 years ago. Every major luxury name is here. How come that is not the story? How come a few mistakes are the story? Two billion dollars of success and a few million dollars of mistakes. Why are the mistakes the story?"

Dr. Gilbert NMO Morris says: The Premier could not be reached for comment at the time of this posting. In the meanime The Hon. Lillian Boyce has taken the position of Deputy Premier and The Hon. Galmo Williams - now resigned - has stepped forward as intending to carry the PNP's mantle for the Premiership. It is unclear whether any political move will survive direct rule from the British.

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Anonymous said...

YA THINK.........he did swindle money and had babies on diamond and phucked up BIG time sooooooo yea he shoulda been gone!!

kp said...

I read an article somewhere, I forgot but Lisa called him a hollywood groupie. TOOO FUNNY!

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