Friday, February 20, 2009

Rihanna Reportedly "Unsure" About Helping Police

Rihanna without make-up
Via Rihanna is reportedly unsure about helping police build a case against boyfriend Chris Brown, who left her with facial bruising and severe headaches a week after an alleged fight took place. The singer, according to Us Weekly magazine, visited doctors days after the incident after suffering from constant headaches. And while her parents are urging her to cooperate with police as much as possible, Rihanna doesn’t seem so sure and is worried about how jail time could affect Chris Brown’s career.

Photos have surfaced showing a bruised and battered Rihanna. LAPD has launched an investigation to see who leaked the photos but I bet whoever did it got a 7-digit check!!!!! This is the photo the world has been waiting to see and it is truly graphic and horrid. We still don't know what took place to spark this incident. Nor have we seen photos of Chris Brown immediately following the incident to see if her sustained any facial or bodily bruising and/or swelling. All I can say is no matter what happened, Rihanna didn't deserve to be left looking like this..............

4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Anonymous said...

RI-PHUCKING-DIC-ULOS........chris brown say bye bye to ur career,he needs jail time and some serious help w/ his anger. He beat her down and that is no da bidness! I jus hope she does not take him back that would be tragic and then i would not feel ANY sympathy for her! I literally cried when i saw this pic!

Hey Shae! said...

I can understand her being apprehensive about cooperating with police. She's probably afraid of the backlash from her so-called fans who are already bashing her, and I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't still in love with Chris, just hating what he did. I hope she makes the right choice for her, whatever it is. IMO I'd get the hell outta Dodge.

Anonymous said...

Chris brown did NOT DO IT!!! Rihanna just wants some sympathy so her career can jump up....C'mon!!! CHRIS BROWN!!! NO offense to him but he doesn't seem like he can do a thing!!! She just made it up so she can get all the attention which everyone seems to be giving her. RHIANNA IS A FAKE AND NEEDS TO STOP WITH HER CHILDISH GAMES!!! he's twenty, life just starting. Of course he wants to live his life!!! RIGHT RIHANNA?! Chris brown deserves to have his career by the way!! It's noones business but his and hers.

Anonymous said...

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