Monday, February 9, 2009

Exclusive Details on Chris & Rihanna, Whitney & Ray J, & Tameka Raymond

So, I've been given some exclusive details about all the drama surrounding this year's Grammy Awards- specifically regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna. Anyone who has ever been the victim of domestic violence knows that usually, when it escalates to the point of calling the police, it isn't the FIRST time, it's THE WORST TIME!!!!!!

Well, details are coming out that this isn't the FIRST TIME that Chris Brown and Rihanna have gotten into it. Their spouts have even been viewed and overheard by other celebrities, that obviously decided to just turn a blind eye. One famous Oscar winning superstar and an American Idol witnessed Chris and Rih Rih fighting at the Clive Davis Grammy pre-party on Saturday night before the alleged incident. Sources also reveal that there was an incident where Chris had been verbally abusive to Rihanna- this incident was witness by a very well known actress.
Supposedly Rihanna is still in the hospital with bite marks on her arms and very visible bruises to her face.

SMH!!! I feel so bad for them both right now!!!! I'm not even taking sides until more of this story is revealed!!! What I can say is that one of them is very obviously overprotective and extremely possessive of the other one. For almost a year now, we have RARELY seen these two apart. Initially, it seemed like puppy love but then, as time passed, it looked more like POSSESSION!!!! Like one was afraid to have the other one out of their sight!!!.......

UPDATE 4:34pm est (thanks to Twitter buddy Brooklyne for sending this link):
Via Just hours after the incident, witnesses spotted Brown and Rihanna leaving the London Hotel together around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday.Later that evening, during the Grammy telecast for which both Brown and Rihanna were no-shows, bodyguards for the couple were seen moving their luggage out of the London.
The ramifications of Brown's arrest? Already charged with making criminal threats – defined in part as a situation where the victim "is in fear for [his/her] life" – the R&B singer may face additional charges at the discretion of L.A.'s district attorney's office.

But over recent weeks, they seemed to have hit a bumpy patch in their relationship.

"They've been fighting a lot lately," a source told PEOPLE. "Lots of ups and downs. One second they're all lovey dovey and then they're fighting like crazy. They're both pretty stubborn."

If they get back with each other after this whole fiasco, I don't feel sorry for either one of them!!!

Do we also have confirmation that Ray J's new reality show is just "made for tv"? Whitney Houston and Ray J were spotted TOGETHER at a few Grammy afterparties last night. And Whitney was said to be on "cloud 9"..... *read between the lines folks*

And, as far as Tameka Foster-Raymond's Grammy weekend drama, reports initially stated that she had passed away. The rumors were then replaced with Tameka just having "major complications" from her surgery. Sources are telling me that Mrs. Foster-Raymond's "complications" were so bad that she was actually put in a medically induced and this is why Usher rushed to Brazil to be by his wife's side. Tameka reportedly woke up from her coma and is now said to be doing fine!!!!

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!!! Their lives are DEFINITELY my entertainment!!!

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

kp said...

Thanks for the updates! Yes D.R.A.M.A!

ms.kimba412 said...

Thanks for the updates, Razzi!
Re: CB and Rihanna - man, I so hope Chris didn't do this, but even if he's 'provoked', I can't get with a man hitting a woman (unless they're play-fighting). Perhaps Breezy just wasn't mature enough to walk away.

Anonymous said...

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