Monday, February 9, 2009

A.P.B. To Atlanta Ladies- Beware of the White Hummer H3

photo is used to give help give a visual of the vehicle in question

My blog is generally reserved for fashion, gossip, and my random thoughts on any topic of my choice. I realize alot of my readers are from the metro Atlanta area and most are ladies that enjoy hanging out just as much as I do. Well, ladies of Atlanta, this is a public service announcement to you and a sem warning of a possible pervert roaming the streets of the A. Not the average pervert we deal with every time we go to the clubs- A REAL LIVE PERVERT!!!

On New Years night, my homegirl and I decided to hang out at a popular downtown lounge. We decided to leave not too long after midnight and, while driving down a residential side street where we parked the car, a white Hummer H3 was stopped in the middle of the street. The man inside motioned for us to drive around and, as we began to accelerate, this man gets out of the trcuk, naked from the waist down and masturbating. My friend and I were in complete shock but we shrugged it off as just someone that was probably "gettin head in the whip to bring in the New Year". It still disturbs us greatly but we thought it was an isolated incident.

So, imagine our shock this past weekend when we were leaving the most ghetto Waffle House in the history of Waffle Houses- located at The Underground. This time, she and I were in seperate cars and we were stopped at the red light. I was distracted looking into my purse and I see my homegirl speed off. I look up and I see the SAME GUY in the white Hummer H3 standing next to her car. This time, he was butt naked, once again masturbating but this time he had "finished" his deal and you could see the "results". (read between the lines folks). I floored the vehicle. Neither she nor I noticed the light was still red. We were just trying to get the hell away from him.

The man in question is a brown skin black man, seeming to be in his mid 30's and is about the height of the Hummer H3- maybe an inch or two shorter. He always wears a fitted cap and had on white tube socks during the first incident. The Hummer H3 is white. We were unable to get his license plate number just due to the shock of the situation. We realize that, if this has happend to us twice in less than 2 months, the incident can't be isolated.

We are just putting out a warning to other ladies in Atlanta to BE ALERT & AWARE while you are out at night. Luckily each time, my friend and I were in the safety of our cars. But also, each time, we had JUST gotten into our vehicles. We are scared to think what could've happened if he pulled up on us while we were walking to our cars. What's even worse is this time, it was major street in the middle of downtown Atlanta and he has no regard for the possibility of getting caught by the police. Be safe ladies, and if you see anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary (like a naked man in the middle of the night standing next to a white Hummer wearing a fitted cap and white tube socks), write down his license plate number and/or call 911 immediately!!!!!

4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Anonymous said...

Dont live in tha "A".......but there are perv everywhere! also sylerazzi that last part made me lol.......if u see anything out of the ordinary like a naked man in the middle of the night standin next to a hummer wearing a fitted cap and white tube socks LOL LOL....THE HUMOR IS OFF THE CHAIN!

WOW, amazing Proof of God on my blog said...

OMG thats a stalker for sure, did u call the police (like they really going to do something) just get her some mace and run in and out the house with a small horn in hand just incase something happens

Sarah said...

wow!!! thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

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