Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 All Star Weekend Wrap Up

Hey everyone!!! Sorry it has taken so long to post about All Star Weekend but a bish is still tired!!!! Jet Lag is SERIOUS!!!!!!!

Anyway, I was in Phoenix for the 2009 NBA All Star Weekend. This was my 5th All Star Weekend. I have been to Philly, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, and now Phoenix and HANDS DOWN- Phoenix was the WORST!!!!! Alot of people blamed the sparse crowd on Phoenix being "so spread out" but anyone who was in Houston in 2006 knows how big that city is and also remembers that every street in every part of the city was crowded. So, Phoenix being spread out wasn't the problem. The economy may have had something to do with it but I believe the unfriendly-ness of Phoenix played a major part in people not wanting to come. Phoenix still seems like a semi-racist town.

Everywhere we went to eat, servers made it a POINT to tell us that they were out of chicken, ribs, Patron and Hennessy- TRUE STORY!!! The service we received was awful (and I heard the same things from other friends in attendance) and I really felt as though the people in the city didn't want all of "US" there. This pisses me off because the 3 things that you can count on when black people go out of town is 1) We will spend money on drinks. 2) We will spend money on shopping. 3) We will spend money on food. What's the common denominator- WE SPEND MONEY!!!! We like to stay at the best hotels, eat at the best restaurants, drink top shelf liquior, shop at the finest stores but our money still isn't respected. With the economy the way it is right now, Phoenix should've welcomed us with opened arms, and not the frown and shitty attitudes I experienced my whole 4 day stay!

Anyway, Phoenix felt like a ghost town. A country ghost town to be exact. Everyone that reads my site knows that I am into fashion real heavy. Not even name brand designer fashion- just fashion that makes you look and feel good. So, imagine my face when I saw JERSEY DRESSES still being worn in 2009. The men were no exception. I guess big face belts and cowboy boots are the thing in the west/southwest but I really wasn't feeling it. Most of the women didn't seem to make much of an effort to go out. I had to keep reminding myself that this was ALL STAR WEEKEND because, to me, it felt like a regular weekend in Atlanta- but without the fierce fashion.

Now, on to the parties. I didn't arrive in Phoenix until Saturday afternoon. My homegirl got in Saturday night and the first palce we went was to Chase Tower for the Grand Hustle/ Amar'e Stoudamire TakeOver Party. We arrive on CP time and missed the red carpet. The only celeb still in attendance when we arrived was model Angel Lola Luv. She is very pretty and surprisingly doesn't look as plastic in person. We stayed briefly, took a few photos and then headed to the next event. (Remind you we were trying to hit 3 events between midnight and 6am that were all on different sides of town). Here are a few of my favorite photos from inside the party:

The next party we arrive at was a Mansion Party far out in Scottsdale!!!! Promoter Mr Rikk of LA and did the damn thing. Free Entry- CHECK!!!! Free breakfast food- CHECK!!! Open Bar- CHECK!!!!!! Ballers in the building- CHECK!!!!! This party made me realize that I need to step my actor and baller awareness all the way up. There were some familiar faces in the building but I needed the help of my friend (and Google) to put names with faces. But, by 2am, the open bar had got the best of me so everyone began to look alike!!!! The party was hosted by Kenny Burns and other celebs spotted included AJ Calloway of Extra, Chicago Bulls Larry Hughes, LA Lakers Lamar Odom, DJ Clue, actors & models. Needless to say, we didn't make it to what turned out to be the party of the weekend- The Grand Hustle/ Amar'e Stoudamire Breakfast club at a mansion on Biltmore Estates. I have heard some wild stories about this party and I am sick that we missed it. Blame it on the A A A A Alcohol!!!!!!

Sunday arrived and it was time to hit the mall in Scottsdale. The mall was very busy. The place to see and be seen was a restaurant called The Kona Grill. In the short time we were there eating, we saw Talib Kweli, Drew Gooden (google him, baby), and other NBA players!!! Out in the mall, Akon was walking around causing a frenzy *snore*. Jim Jones also made his 2nd appearance of the weekend at the mall *double snore*. I find it amazing and kind of sickening that these celebs come walk trhough the mall JUST to get attention. Attention whores maybe- SURVEY SAYS YES!!!!

Sunday night there was so much going on!!!!! First we stopped by Stoudamire's Downtown. It was early and the crowd was a bit light. We left there and this is where our sight-seeing adventure began. We missed T.I. performing at a restaurant called Bourbon Steak so we went to another Grand Hustle event. The crowd there was a bit light as well. Going out there made us late for the party at the W Hotel so, by the time we arrived, they were charging $120 *blanks stare* I left there and went to a strip club called Diamond J's. Spotted in the building were Young Buck, a few NFL Cardinal players, and Fabolous and his crew. Fabolous made it hurricane. It was a nonstop flow of money being thrown. Watching them throw money and then hearing the DJ continuously scream about Fab requesting $20,000 in $1's, I couldn't help but thnk back to his 5 credit cards being DECLINED at Erro's in Atlanta!!! LOL!!
Coming from ATL, it's hard to top our stirp clubs- And this one definitely didn't come close. No one was spending any money and, when Fab and his crew came through, everyone sat and WATCHED THEM make it rain. I never understood men that go to strip clubs but don't spend money. That's just as bad as going to the mall to window shop- MAJOR FAIL!
Shout out to Nicole Garner and The Garner Circle PR for making sure we had all-access this weekend. Her events were the only ones guaranteed to be star studded!!! I just have to learn to stay off CP time :-)

Here are a few photos from other parties this past weekend:

I heard from my friend that Raekwon was inside of the pizza place by the W Hotel ordering his food in third person telling the cook "Raekwon likes his pizza like this......" BOY BYE!!!!!

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kp said...

LMFAO @ Everywhere we went to eat, servers made it a POINT to tell us that they were out of chicken, ribs, Patron and Hennessy- TRUE STORY!!!

BAY AREA!!! said...

KP you took my comment! Damn GINA! I just looked at a friend of mines FB page who attended. She has quit a few flicks of some stars. Can you say "easy access"?

SMH@Jersey Dresses :(

Anonymous said...

LMMFAO @ JERSEY DRESSES!!! RAZZI....the next time u see jimmy could u please request that he leaves that OOOGLY purple scarf @ tha crib(who cares that it's LV)!! LOL @ KATT WILLIAMS holding tha big bishes!! Also razzi i live on the west coast and kinda close to arizona(wont say what state)but yes there is still major racism that occurs! *dead* @ A A A ALCOHOL! IT WILL GET YA EVERYTIME!! I also couldn't help but remember tha declined credit cards that FAB was using and then this kneegrow makes it tsunami in tha strip club?? *scratchin head and blank stare*!! But thanks for tha INSIDER INFO.......UR THA BEST!!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Where was I when Mike Jones became a bull dyke?

Anonymous said...

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