Monday, January 19, 2009

Notorious Review: 10 Questions that Made Me Go HMMM......

So, I went to go see the movie NOTORIOUS this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The movie is definitely a MUST SEE!!! But, at the end of the movie, I found myself asking myself these questions:

1. Why did Lil Biggie write with his left hand and older Biggie write with his right hand? Was Biggie
ambidextrous and we just never knew?

2. Who's idea was it to have the Lil Kim & Biggie sex scene and was all of that necessary?

3. And, thinking of the sex scene, wasn't Biggie tittyballs bigger than the Lil Kim Character?

4. Does anyone ever remember Lil Cease looking as busted as they tried to portray him in the movie?

5. Did Diddy actually APPROVE of them letting Derek Luke portray him as the dancing, talking too damn much clown he really is?!?!

6. Was the Faith character REALLY singing? And, if so, where is her record deal?

7. Am I the only one not impressed with the 2Pac character they cast? HORRID CHOICE- wasn't at all convinced by him, Lil Kim or Lil Cease

8. Where was Charli Baltimore at in the movie? She was a major point in Big's life, wasn't she?

9. Who is the FINE DUDE that played Biggie's dad?!?!? WHEW!!!!

10. Why didn't they play "One More Chance" during the whole movie, or re-enact that video?!?!? That is arguably the hottest song and/or video in hip-hop history- IMO!!!

** Bonus Question- WHY must people bring their toddlers and babies to see a rated R movie showing at night?!?!!? There were a few kids at the 9:15pm showing at Phipps this weekend and it almost ruined the whole movie, but the parents took the kids out of the theater when they started crying!!!!

Also, I'm not impressed that there was another ticket handler checking tickets right before you could get to the Notorious movie- which happened to be the last theater screen on the right. Why must Phipps treat "US" so bad?!?!

13 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Necole Bitchie said...

girl bye to them sex scenes. eww. Yes Biggie's dad was FOINE. Very well put together. We need to look him up.

I'm thinking the white girl faith beat up was really supposed to be KIM.

I think the movie could have been more. Everything we saw was everything that was played out in the public.

The character that played Faith was good. She's Stunning! I was most impressed with her and Derek Luke's lips...whooo hooooo

Martini said...

Piddy actually seeked out Derek Luke to protray him in the film. He said that Derek resembled him more than any other actor :cough:

Charli was

and as far as the handwriting deal, chalk it up to poor continuity

beautifulcurare said...

Didn't see the movie, but if you're curious about the man who plays his father, check out and search for the movie. You'll find the list of the cast...

Ms. GRiP said...

@ Necole

Faith beat down numberous chicks. Kim was just one of them.

Hated it. the whole damn thing was way overrated. Anthony Mackie was WacKie. Naturi Naughton did her thing. The sex scene wasn't necessary at all. At the theatre I went to in bklyn on Sun WAY too many children and all the stupid azz parents would shout 'cover your eyes' during the nudity. ANNOYING.

and as I remember it Cease was always dusty. But I hated lil 50 from getrichordie cast as him. And charlie was in the car during the car accident. but yeah- they pretty much dissed her.

Pamalicious said...

Saw it and actually enjoyed it. I am a Bioptic type person anyhoo.

The Brother who played Tupac didn't do it for me either. There had to be someone who looked more like him. I also was wondering who cast lil Cease and he was on the set - he really didn't think that looked like him did he? He was portrayed as looking hella impish and jocking all the celebrities.

I also was like ' ok ' about Angela Bassett. She kept looking like Katherine Jackson to me and she didnt even attempt a Jamaican accent. Come on now. Mrs. Wallace has a prominent one.

I had read some reviews about the movie taking alot of time to make Biggie be this big Teddy Bear. Well his MOTHER made this movie. I actually applaud her for putting the bad in - I think she gave a round picture of her son and that the writers portrayed his life pretty balanced.

I came away thinking that some stuff was missing - it seemed like we needed a bit more of the 'side stories' to kinda bring it all together.

Derek Luke SIGH - he tried. At some points he captured Puffy, but at the very end watching the credits - they showed like the actor and then the actual - and the second they showed Diddy up against Derek - Dereks Puffy DEFLATED. That picture of Diddy had so much swagger, I sucked in my breath, lol

Finally the women. Kim needs to STOP! She knows that's how it went down, they probably could have had a movie all to themselves. Its' hard looking at yourself out of someone elses eyes. The Faith character was pretty good too. I too wondered where was Charlie Baltimore - I almost thought that 'white' girl was suppose to be her.

It was pretty good - like when it comes out on DVD officially and not bootleg - I think I'll buy it and put it with my other bioptic collections.

Now for the ignorant via Pam - UM I'MMA NEED BIGGIE TO STOP JUST LAYING ON HIS BACK DURING SEX!! WTF?! I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it. Negro I'mma need you to be digging it out or something, lol Big Ass just roll over and let the woman climb aboard the Big Poppa train! Yea not gonna work with the kid, lol

My husband gave me the most Pam you are plum dee ignant when I told him that,lollol

Yea I wanted to slap the FAMILY and all their damn kids behind us.

We went to the first showing in Atlantic Station on Sunday and they had an extra set of folks right outside the movie theatre and a guard. SIGH

Loyal T said...

The chick who played Faith in the movie is Antonique Smith. That was really her singing.

Check out her myspace for more clips of her singing:

ATL2STL said...

Yea the sex scene was a bit much, but hey i guess they realy wanted to potray kim as a ho!

Charlie B was in the back seat of the car during the accident.

Am i the only one who noticed that in the end when he was holding his son it was a YT baby!?!?

There were sum highschoolers who got into a fight right before the damn movie where i went!

San Antone Honey said...

wow! I live in San Antonio and the same shit went down here. Not only was there another ticket check at the screen, which we were in the farthest theater to the left, but there was po-po outside the theater too! seriously! and the folks with the babies...get a damn sitter like i did! otherwise...upload that shit off pirate bay at the house and make it work for your situation lol!

kp said...

Notorious’ B.I.G Weekend: $21.5 Milli

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