Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shawty Lo: "Don't I" Diss Track Video

Sanaa Lathan is Down With The Swirl

Saturday, November 29, 2008

V-103's Porsche Foxx Fired, Again

Via Porsche Foxx is gone from V-103 —- again.

Details are sketchy. Program director Reggie Rouse sent an e-mail Wednesday informing staff about Foxx’s departure, and she was taken off the list of DJs on the V-103 Web site. Her second stint at V-103 as midday host lasted just over 16 months.

Foxx was a popular afternoon jock at V-103 until the station fired her after a very public DUI arrest in late 2004. She pleaded guilty to the charge in summer 2005, receiving community service, probation and a stint in alcohol rehab. Rick Caffey, general manager at V-103, last year said he rehired her because he felt she had earned a second shot.

“It was successful, very enlightening, very educational, ” Foxx told the AJC about her rehab in July 2007. “I’m not afraid to talk about it.”

Foxx —- whose real name is Stephanie Calhoun —- and her bosses couldn’t be reached for comment.

I hope Ramona Debreaux, who has been filling in for Porsche this week, will take over the position permanently. Flipping between Ramona and 107.9's mid-day diva Rashan Ali during my 10am-2pm weekdays has been music to my ears!!! These 2 ladies BOTH brighten up radio on eachof their respective stations. It's sad to see Porche Foxx go but her show was so poorly produced that I won't miss much....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shawty Lo Attemps To Extend His 15 Minutes......

CLICK HERE if the video doesn't work. 14:59... 14:48... 14:57.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Usher in H-Town sans Prego Tameka

Shoutout to Twitter friend CathrynMarie for posting this last night. Usher was spotted in Houston with "Becky"!!! He has confirmed that Tameka is pregnant with their 2nd baby. Doesn't their 1st child just turn one this month?!?!?! Did Tameka giver her pooh-nanny a chance to breathe?!?!? LOL!!

My Real Housewives Recap

So, last night on the Real Housewives Reunion, it was officially going DOWN!!!!! From the beginning to the end, the show was filled with DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!! Now, if you were following my TWITTER last night, then you already know I was glued in and wide open at every single moment!!!!! CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter and you can read through last night's tweets. I also tweet'd during Keyshia Cole and Brutha!!!

Anyway, I have STAN'd for Kim all season long and last night was no different. Everyone wanted to gang up on her and, honestly, I wasn't surprised. I went to a majority black middle school and my BFF was white. Everyone would always gang up on the white girl thinking she would say anything back!!! Well, then and now, folks were proven wrong. Kim was getting right back with NeNe!!!! She even told NeNe "Back your ass up" and called her a "Bitch"!!!! Now, I was a little mad at Kim and her "fake cancer" but that is still my favorite housewife!!! I do hope Kim gets a better hair-piece..................

Deshawn's non-existent ass isn't even worth more than a couple sentences. Her part of the show and reunion was boring, bland, and I hope she opts out for next season. She is a NBA wife with guaranteed money and it's obvious she thinks she is better than all the other girls.

Next up, Sheree. She was pretty quiet last night. I think her true personality showed last night more than any of the other shows. Her sweater dress was fab, make-up was flawless, and she kept it real grown-woman through the entire evening.

Nene. What can we say about Nene. She came ready to snatch a hoe outta her Dior pumps last night!!!! I wish she wouldn't have seemed to have such a chip onher shoulder. Her demeanor was real uncomfortable last night. I really hope she and Kim squash their beef and reconcile their friendship. At least for the sake of Brielle, Kim's daughter. Kim and Nene seemed like the perfect friends during the beginning of the show. They balance each other out and it's sad if this show has taken that from them.
I think Kim lost out the most. She lost Big Poppa, she lost a friend, and her reputation was a little smeared. She is my favorite so I felt bad for her. You can tell she is really hurting from the break-up of her friendship with Nene.

Now Lisa!!! Lisa, throughout the show, was portrayed as the "sweet, hard working hustler". In the course of an hour last night, Lisa went from someone who's hustle and personality I admired to my LEAST FAVORITE housewife. I dislike her more than Sheree. Bravo did one hell of a job editing Lisa to be the nice one when she is obviously the main BITCH!!!!!!! I even said last night on my twitter that Lisa tries so hard to be an "alpha Female" when she is really just a "BETA-BITCH"!!! She was so up Nene's ass it wasn't even funny. She knows she is the one that went back and told about Nene singing about Kim in the car. That bish is 2-faced and Nene needs to watch her back if her and Lisa really are now friends.

Dwight Eubanks is just too much for words. I can't wait for him to get his own show. His yaki mane was HELLA FIRE last night. That DIVO is beyond fabulous and puts any and every other gay husband to shame!!!!!

Full Kim & NeNe Parody

This was cute but the snippet that I saw on Sandra Rose over the weekend was funnier. Bonnie and Neicy did a good job but thet could've done much better!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why? Why? Why?

My last 3 questions for the Dirty Awards........



Ozone Mag Flicks From the Dirty Awards

Here are more flicks from inside the awards. Trina looking real extra regular.

Tity Boi of Playaz Circle has a MEAN Southern Swag!!!

T.I. looks tired. This is what a man looks like that is actually doing something with his self other than starting trouble.

Shawty Lo, on the other hand, looks well rested. I'm not going to talk about chicks bleached blone hair, her 2007 leg warmers and non-matching pumps or the fact that between the purse, dress, warmers, and shoes she has on 4 different shades of brown......

Hey Mr Officer.......

Monica's swag is mean too!!!!

Yung Joc found the only white folks, other than Julia Beverly, in attendance.

So this is what they brought when Sandra Rose saw them at Lenox Mall over the weekend shopping for outfits for the awards. I always forget that Lenox has a "Wet Seal" store....... (LMAO!!!)

This is why Serena will make me catch a case.......

T.I. & Shawty Lo @ Dirty Awards

You know your position, Shawty Lo- WALK BEHIND THE KING WITH YOUR HEAD DOWN!!!!

It may just be my eye but this to me looks like where the whole incident jumped off. Looks like Shawty Lo is taunting T.I.'s folks

Monday, November 24, 2008

Grand Hustle vs. Shawty Lo Fight VIDEO @ Dirty Awards

Let the beef begin again........ I am soooo *dead* that they are still performing like nothing's happening and the ghetto ass crowd is on the tables rapping while the fight commences on stage!!!

Though it seems as though the incident was Shawty Lo vs. Grand Hustle, HipHopDX heard from one of their sources that the fight was actually between Young Jeezy & CTE and Aphillates President LA the Darkman.

Beyonce at "Cadillac Records" Premiere

Beyonce and the legendary diva Ms. Etta James were spotted in Hollywood last night at the premiere of "Cadillac Records". Ms James looks alot like Tina Knowles at first glance.

Bey and Etta exchanged "Hollywood Kisses" on the red carpet. Ms James left a little Mama Tina red lipstick on Bey's cheek!!!!

I see Mama Tina decided to darken her tresses and lighten her lips. She looks wonderful here!!!

I guess we will never get enough of seeing Bey's wedding ring!!!! That ring is dope!!!!

2008 Dirty Awards

The Radio One 2008 Dirty Awards went down last night in the ATL!!! As you can see, Monica showed up and showed out, as usual. Love the hair even more than the 1st time we saw it.

I hope we can retire these stupid chains in 2009!!!

Shawty Lo hit the red carpet before going inside of the awards and acting "Foolish"!! According to some of the folks I follow on Twitter (thanks to the heads up from ATLien), Shawty Lo hit the stage and started rapping about T.I.!!! I don't know what exactly went down but talk of folks getting hit up side the head with bottles and PSC's Kuntry King getting wrestled by police is the report I was getting from the live twits!!! Everyone seemed to all agree that Shawty Lo instigated the entire ordeal. I guess the crowd got maced and the Dirty Awards models were seen backstage trying to get the mace out of their eyes!!!

2 thumbs up to Shawty Lo for getting his name back in the news, by any means necessary. Still riding T.I.'s coattails I see. I hope while he was starting ish at the awards, his staff was in Bankhead getting turkeys and food together to pass out fot the holidays. Funny how when we hear Shawty Lo it's drama but when we hear T.I., it's usually something positive or business related. Someone OBVIOUSLY needs more positive people!

Here are a couple more flicks from the red carpet. Stay tuned as more news, gossip, and video from the show start to surface as the A.M. rolls around!!! For now, Sandra Rose has the first report as to what went down

photos: Jessica McGowan/ Access Atlanta

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The REAL "Trap or Die"

A guy friend of mine called the other day and told me the "shocking" news that he had a baby on the way. Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised. This wasn't the first time my friend had called me with this same news. I had told him before that he couldn't depend on his chick to take her birth control daily like she told him she was. The conversation ended quickly when I told him that this situation was just as much his fault as it was hers.

My homegirl calls this "The Real Trap or Die". When a woman thinks the only way she can keep a man in her life is to "trap" him with a baby. Men fall for this trick all the time but then act "surprised" when they get the "I'm pregnant" phone call. There are also those women that see a man as a financial gain so they "trap" his pockets by having a child support baby. Once again, the men act surprised and want to blame the woman when they had just as much responsibility in the situation as she did.

So men, how can you keep yourself from becoming a "Trap or Die"? Here are a few ways you can help to insure the only babies you create are on purpose!!!!

Condoms- DUH!!! Make sure you wear a condom but, more importantly, make sure the condom you wear FITS!!!! Magnums aren't for everyone. If you don't fit the magnum, don't feel bad. Just turn the lights off before you open up your LifeStyles package. Trust me, just because you open the gold pack doesn't mean we, as women, don't know that you aren't the correct size for it. If you can fold over excess latex after you put on a Magnum, switch brands. This is important because if the condom is too big, it can easily slip off and you can possibly get "trapped". Also, if you are large, make sure you carry your own condom brand that you know fits you right. This is important because if the condom is too small (and or the poo-nanny is dry) the condom will break and you could possibly get "trapped".

Speaking of men bringing your own condoms, you should ALWAYS carry your own protection. This not only insures that the condoms aren't expired but it also insures thst no holes are poked into the packaging.

Next up for my brothers that don't wear condoms, for whatever reason. Whether it's because this is your "main chick" and you don't feel like you have to strap up, or because it "doesn't feel the same", or maybe a condom isn't available and you just don't have the self control to STOP- invest spermicide!!!! Make the insertion of the spermicide part of the foreplay. Spermicide is supposed to kill the sperm so, if it is properly inserted inside the va-jay-jay, the possibilty of the sperm fertilizing the egg is lessened. No fertilization= no "trapping"!!!

If spermicide isn't your thing, try using female condoms!!! I have never used these but I have heard from both men and women that it feels very close to bare-back! Men, you have the freedom of not having your "johnson" choked up in a condom and women, you have the freedom of the natural feeling without worrying about getting pregnant.

Another tip for men to prevent "trappage" is, when the deal is done, make sure you flush the condom yourself!!!! The "turkey basting method" is alive and well in 2008. Don't be too lazy or too triflin to simply get up and flush the condom. Don't allow the woman to take it off and flush it for you or don't just let it lay on the floor. Do your duty and flush your boys!!!!

All of this may seem like a bit much but just imagine how you will feel when you get "that call" and now you are attached to this woman for the rest of your life physically and financially!!! I don't believe in the whole "18 years" theory. I still call my mother to this day. You are never done raising your children and good parents, even if they aren't together, still communicate for the sake of the kids. If you don't want a woman in your life for the rest of your life, take an extra 5 minutes to do your part to prevent the pregnancy!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T-Pain DISSES Ron Browz?

Damn, T-Pain pretty much calls "Pop Champagne" a bad song. Says Ron Browz doesn't know how to use auto-tune!!! I STAN real hard for "Pop Champagne" so I'm not feeling this diss. I'm sure Zapp and Roger or Teddy Riley could say T-Pain initially wasn't using the voice effect thing correct, right? Why knock another man's hustle, T-Pain? Ron Browz is an extrodinary producer. Nas' "Ether" is a classic track.........

If the video isn't visible, CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Ed Hartwell Had To "Lay Down The Law" on Keith Sweat?

Ed Hartwell, Lisa Wu-Hartwell's husband, recently sat down with ad spoke about his relationship with Lisa, her 2 sons, and life with Bravo cameras in their business. Here is a small snippet. Te read the entire interview, head over to Essence.

ESSENCE.COM: Well, let's end it here. How is your relationship with Lisa's sons, Justin and Jordan?

HARTWELL: Me and my sons have a great relationship. I tell everyone I have three sons. They call me dad; I never say my stepkids, they are my sons. Every kid is different but they are both wonderful children. My eldest son is about to turn 14 and I have conversations with him that I can't have with Justin. Jordan wants to train, so now we're both training.

ESSENCE.COM; That's great that you're involved in their lives. Do you have a good relationship with their father, Keith Sweat?

HARTWELL: Not at all. The reason is because [when I started dating] Lisa there was a lot that I had to stop from happening. I had to lay down the law, man to man. Have I tried to work out some things and put our differences to the side for the sake of the kids? Absolutely. I don't like to play games.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kim Dishes on Big Poppa, Playboy, Lisa, Nene, Sheree, & MORE!!!

Now, for those of us that read everyday, we already knew that Kim and Big Poppa broke up and that she posed for Playboy!!! Anyway, read the article to see exactly what Kim has to say about her life since Real Housewives of Atlanta has become such a hit!!! She is still MY FAVE!!!!

ESSENCE.COM: How is the music career going?

KIM ZOLCIAK: My first song, "Tight Rope," will be out the first week in January, but I'm not sure when the album will be coming out. [Dallas Austin] wrote and produced it. He originally sent me three but I fell in love with the beat and lyrics. The song is about walking a tight rope with somebody. It [speaks] to my personal life and my relationship and just life in general. It definitely applies to my life, but after seeing that footage on the show where it looks like I can't sing! I guess it makes for good television but it looked awful to me. People will just have to wait for my album to see the deal.

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of your relationship, there are tons of rumors out there that your fiancé, otherwise known as Big Poppa, is married. Care to clarify?

ZOLCIAK: He is legally married. He has been going through a divorce for years. I've seen all these crazy names of who he is on the Internet, like Quincy Jones, Ted Turner, and even Dallas. He's like Sheree, who has been trying to get a divorce for years, but she's dating so it's that kind of thing.

ESSENCE.COM: Are you guys still going strong?ZOLCIAK: No, it's officially over. I called off my engagement and I'm officially single. People have speculated that it's this Lee guy (Lee Najjar) to Quincy Jones to David Foster to Dallas Austin. It's just unbelievable. Big Poppa has been my best friend for three years and I think he's a great person but I need to go find Kim and what makes Kim happy and chase my dreams. I want someone who is supportive of me and my dreams and not add tension to my life. I want to focus on my children, finish my album and not worry about what makes everyone else happy.

ESSENCE.COM: What projects do you have coming up after the show?

ZOLCIAK: I'm in talks to be on the cover of Playboy and possibly on the cover of Maxim. I'm very excited. A lot of people were like I wish you would do Playboy so I'm working on that. I didn't want to be just a centerfold girl. I wanted to be the cover!

ESSENCE.COM: It seems like you and NeNe may never be friends again. Have things gotten better between you two?

ZOLCIAK: No. We are definitely not friends. You know she really hurt my feelings singing that song about me in the limo. Although it is fun and entertaining, it was still at my expense. Lisa was the one who told me that NeNe has sang that song about me. Sheree had told me but Sheree wasn't there in the car. I found out about NeNe singing about me about a month after we started filming so I knew even before I started becoming friends with Sheree. People are looking at this footage and thinking I turned my back on NeNe and became best friends with Sheree. Lisa is the one who told me the whole thing. I was just devastated. I was loyal to NeNe and a good friend. Plus, Lisa is running around saying she didn't say anything but that's how I found out. DeShawn is not into gossip. She's sweet and I really like her. She's just this even-keeled person. Lisa is still trying to deny that she told me, but I have phone records that prove that I spoke to her. She's been saying, oh, I never talked to you that day and I was like, damn, bitch, here's the phone record. This whole deal is nothing but drama.

ESSENCE.COM: So we're guessing there's no way you and NeNe can get past this.

ZOLCIAK: NeNe is funny, entertaining, and was a good friend but watching the footage again reopened old wounds. She has to understand that I'm really sensitive, and whether it was in good fun or not, it still bothered me. The biggest problem between NeNe and me is a lack of communication and the fact that everyone is running their mouth.

ESSENCE.COM: So what's up between you and Lisa? Did you call her a "crack whore"?

ZOLCIAK: Everything was blown out of proportion. There are so many rumors and just gossip out there. I thought this was over with but as far as I am concerned, Lisa is a great girl. I did read Lisa's story on and I think at the end of the day, I could certainly run my own mouth but I choose to take the high road. I read a Google alert out loud and there were tons of stuff written about all of us, not just Lisa. I was reading a blog. I would never speak that way of anybody especially one of my costars. I'm a mother and I would never speak that way. Whoever relayed the message to Lisa didn't give her the whole story. It was no big deal. I was reading it verbatim in the blog thinking, This is crazy. It wasn't directed to anyone else.

ESSENCE.COM: Are you still close friends with Sheree?

ZOLCIAK: We're very close. She's easy to get along with and our kids get along great. I think her image on the show and the way she's portrayed is totally inaccurate. Is she totally confident? Yes. Does she like to shop? Absolutely. But I think she comes off as a diva more than she actually is.

ESSENCE.COM: You once said that you see yourself as a Black girl in a White girl's body. What makes you feel like you identify with Black women?

ZOLCIAK: I had entirely too much wine that day in my interview. I just don't see color and I never have because it doesn't matter to me. People always say, "You sure your dad's not Black?"- because I got a pretty round booty. Other than that, 50 percent of my girlfriends are Black. It's not that I can relate to one more than the other. That's just my life and that's who I am surrounded by mostly and it works for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bey, JT, & the "Dance Bisquits" on SNL

Pure comedy. Beyonce actually does pretty good acting here.

Let's Take It Back To 1998

I was looking for music that was hot back in 1998 and came across this great article on I guess I never realized just how BIG 1998 was in the hip[-hop industry. I was just a high school teenager living in the moment and using my money from my $4.75 an hour after-school job to buy the records.

1998 was the year that took Jay-Z and made him mainstream with the release of "Hard Knock Life". Lauryn Hill was "The Queen" of female hip-hop artists with "The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill". Big Pun held it down for the Latino community and DMX took it us to the gritty, hardcore streets with his blazing anthems and hard hitting tracks, produced by Swizz Beatz. And we can't forget about Master P, Cash Money and Juvenile, and Outkast.

And, will there ever be a concert as hot as the "Hard Knock Life" Tour?!?!?!? Please sit back and reminise with me on the best year ever in hip-hop.....................

1998 was a time when there was no T.I. No 50 Cent dominating radio airplay. No “Yeaaaaaaaahs” from Jeezy. 1998 was a year after Biggie was gunned down and two years after ‘Pac. 1998 was a year before the Chronic 2001 and before Eminem and his Slim Shady soldiers ambushed the market. 1998 was ten years ago and a lot has changed in hip hop since then. Not only is ‘98 exactly ten years ago but it was also a fond year for me because it was the first year that I began become a “cd freak” as my girlfriend calls me. Personally, it’s been a lot of great cds and some good years in hip-hop since then, but I think ‘98 was the last great year.

Need support for this statement? The Class of ‘98 in itself was as thorough as they come. Not since the class of ‘94 had hip-hop seen so many stars drop debut albums in the same year. 1994 saw the debuts of Biggie, Outkast, Nas, and Snoop Dogg. In 1998 Hip Hop witnessed the debuts of DMX, Canibus, Big Pun, Noreaga and Cam’ron. DMX brought the gritty, no-holds barred street sound back to hip-hop which had been wearing thin since Puffy and his shiny suit season took over in ‘97. Canibus was the prince of the mixtapes and the cameo king long before today’s artists like Papoose and Saigon could lay claim to the throne. Canibus dropped a lackluster debut, with Can-I-bus, but his cameos on albums with artists such as Lost Boyz, LL Cool J, Common, and The Firm were unforgettable. Big Pun was the first Latin to go platinum off the strength of radio play like “Still Not a Player” and “You Came Up“, but his album was also the sickest of the year lyrically. Noreaga’s N.O.R.E. helped put the Neptunes on the map with “Superthug” and his album also did well with street bangers such as “N.O.R.E. “and “Banned From TV” . Cam also put out a stellar album for the streets with Confessions of Fire and his DipSet following is still strong to this day. There were undoubtedly others who dropped albums that year but these five were everywhere and were a prominent influence in the culture during the year.

Also, in the wake of deaths of Hip hop’s “Malcolm and Martin” Jay-Z took the throne as the King of New York and the man in the forefront of hip hop’s explosion to the mainstream. Sure, hip hop was big before, but after Hard Knock Life dropped Jay-Z along with the rest of the culture became HUGE. Before Hard Knock Life, Hova produced the classic Reasonable Doubt and the stellar In My Lifetime Vol. 1, but HKL was the album that really set him on fire as MTV, BET, and radio kept songs such as “Hard Knock Life,” “Can I Get a What“, and “Money Cash Hoes,” were in constant rotation.

However, not only was New York rap doing it big in ‘98, but the South was uprising too. Outkast went from superstars to legends when they dropped their five-mic critically acclaimed album, Aquemeni in ‘98. Aquemeni was an important album because it was the first five-mic album from The Source in a loooong while and it proved that Southern rap could earn respect too. Singles such as “Rosa Parks“, “Skew-It on the Barb-b” featuring Raekwon(one of the first North-South collaborations in the genre) lit the radio on fire and songs such as “Liberation” and “Aquemeni”sparked our soul. Juvenile of Cash Money Records fame also blew up all over the map when he dropped his album 400 Degreez and his lead single “Ha” had the whole country talking like Juvie. Master P and his No Limit soldiers were a BIG part of ‘98 as well. Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, and ‘P were everywhere as Southern rap started its takeover of the industry with the No Limit gold tank leading the way.

Soundscan sales were also great across the genre as all aforementioned artists such as Jay-Z, Juvenile, DMX, Big Pun, Outkast and others all went platinum or multi. Digital downloading wasn’t so big in this year and this was a time long ago when people actually went out to the store and purchased cds. Actually, many hip hop purists argue that fans shouldn’t care about Soundscan figures or sales. I agree, but you can’t help but have a Kool-aid grin on your face when one of your favorite artists releases an album of quality music and it sells a lot .

Lauryn Hill was one of these such artists undeniably the Queen of 1998, as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill set the world on fire selling over five million copies. Her album was so damn good that its singles rode into ‘99 and she constantly shared radio and TV time with her male counterparts. Hill even won a Grammy for Album of Year which was unprecedented for a hip-hop album, and truly she was a female artist who had something to talk about and did it very well.

Also, 1998 was a year when “backpackers” could be happy too. Gangstarr’s Moment of Truth was a stellar record, and Guru and DJ Premier further cemented their name as New York Legends. Mos Def and Talib Kweli released their Black Star album which is a timeless classic. Backpackers could also shed a tear as A Tribe Called Quest released The Love Movement which was their last album as a group. Although this album wasn’t necessarily as good as The Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders, it was still quality music, and is still better then most of the stuff that comes out today. Speaking of which, the aforementioned Hard Knock Life, Aquemeni, The Love Movement, and The Miseducation…. were all released not only in the same year, but the same month! This truly gave tight pocketed listeners a dilemma at the record store.

Please forgive me for being so nostalgic over ‘98 but since then I can’t think of a year that set the world on fire. Sure we’ve had great rappers here and there who’ve been forces artistically and commercially (Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye) but not all debuting in the same year like the class of ’98. Also, I personally believe only a handful of truly classic albums have appeared since ‘98 (The Blueprint, Stillmatic, The Chronic, College Dropout, etc.). I’m not talking about albums that are “hot“, or albums that sell a lot of copies but albums such as Moment of Truth and Capital Punishment; are albums every hip-hop head must have and should be embarrassed to say that they don’t. Songs such as “Get At Me Dog “are songs that people can still talk about, play, and remember. Very rarely do songs come out nowadays that have that same effect.

Also ‘98 was a year when “lyrical” records could hit the radio and be successful. The dexterous flow of Big Pun (dead in the middle of Italy...) teamed with the gritty Fat Joe was displayed on “Deep Cover” and songs such as the rapid fire flow of “Jigga What” and Black Star’s “Definition” were radio mainstays. Songs like these rarely hit the radio nowadays as catchy hooks and club-ready beats dominate the radio.
For the most part women are endangered from the game nowadays, but back in ‘98 Lauryn Hill was Queen of the Universe and Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy, and Da Brat were always consistent.

In 2008, whole ten years later, hopefully hip hop music can return to a year like we had in ‘98. A lot of people are saying hip hop has died, and the South, waning sales, poor records etc. are at fault. However, ‘98 was a year when our music was all over the map and gritty street bangers and hip hop pop records were the rage. People actually bought records and everything was peachy keen. When will we return to such an era?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Music: Ricco Barrino ft T.I. "Propane"

Check out the new single from Ricco Barrino ft T.I. called "Propane". While Fanny was falling for Dro, Ricco was getting a record deal!!! I ain't even mad. With what I've went through this past week, I will no longer let love or temporary infatuation blind my hustle!!!!! REAL TALK!

Click here to listen to "Propane"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Trey Songz does "Jingle Bells" for The Gap

With hip-hop artists commanding top endorsement dollars and in high demand by savvy brand marketers worldwide, Gap reached out to Flo Rida and Trey Songz to write and produce a street-smart rendition of a Christmas classic for its annual holiday promotion. The resulting “Jingle Bells” is now airing in Gap stores nationwide, with in-store video displays in select stores, set to begin on November 13th.

Gap will highlight “Jingle Bells” on its site, which offers fans and customers the opportunity to personalize the spot. Users can custom remix the commercial’s big beats and rambunctious rhymes and then send it to friends and family as a truly unique holiday greeting card.

Plies Covers Vibe's December Issue

That face right there is priceless!!!!! I guess that's the certified "goon" face, right? Click each photo for the largeness and to read the specifics.

Sneak Peek of Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne "Turn Off"

Sounds like Keri upgraded the song and made it hotter than the first version. The video clips look hot!!! Can't wait to hear T.I.'s verse.....

shout out to LEXAVE on the twitter update about the sneak peeks being released

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mama Tina Must've Styled This

Sasha Fierce was channeling Michael Jackson at the MTV Europe Awards the other night. The outfit would've been HOT without those damn Robocop shoulderpads...... and is it just me or has anyone esle noticed that since Beyonce is back on the scene fulltime, the Rihanna-razzi has slowed completely down? OR maybe people got tired of seeing her and Chris Brown's teenage love affair. I think, to get her appeal back, she needs to leave C-Breezy and begin sucking the life out of another young man.......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing: StyleRazzi Gossip on the GO!!!

Introducing StyleRazzi Gossip on the Go!!! Sign up today to start receiving exclusive text alerts with late breaking celebrity news and gossip.

We all live life on the go. What better way to stay connected to the gossip world when you aren't near a computer than to get the texts sent directly to your phone!! The service will be fully functional starting next week so sign up today and you can be in the know and ahead of the game!!!

Simply enter your telephone number in the "Gossip on the GO" service on the sidebar (similar to the image above). You will receive a text with easy instructions on how to activate the service!!

T.I., Beyonce, Usher, Ludacris, Ciara and others React to President Obama's Victory

Atlanta Celebs React to President Obama's Victory Via

Beyonce, singer, actress

"I'm there. I can't wait. I feel like all of us, we're ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want — if they need me to volunteer, they need me to sing, I'm there, and I'm ready," a giddy Beyonce said in an interview the day after Barack Obama made history in becoming the nation's first elected black president.

The singer couldn't stop beaming after Obama's win over Republican John McCain on Tuesday. In fact, she was so inspired, she wore a blue suit and tie in honor of Obama — with stiletto heels that were red, white and blue.

"I've never been so patriotic!" she laughed. "I'm just beyond excited."

Beyonce was supposed to be in Japan on Election Night to promote her upcoming album, "I Am ... Sasha Fierce," but decided to postpone it at the last minute.

"I said, 'What am I doing? I'm completely making a bad decision. I have to go home, I'm gonna kill myself if I'm not home in America,'" she said. "I knew I needed to be here."

T.I., rapper-actor

T.I., who was in Los Angeles shooting a movie, “had the pleasure and the honor of being at Will Smith’s house on election night. If I couldn’t be at home with my kids to experience this perfect moment, that was a nice substitute… Will introduced me to a guy who was from Mozambique, who he met when he was doing ‘Ali’. Since then, that guy had moved to America and just became an official citizen. So the first time he was able to vote, it was for a black man running for president of the United States. I thought that was an outstanding story.

“I’ll tell you one more: This morning I called my kids and my eight-year-old said ‘Did you know only two people voted for McCain in Tennessee?’ I said, ‘That’s not true son. I think McCain actually won Tennessee. But I appreciate your attentiveness to this very important matter’. I thank everyone who made it their business and an extreme priority to get out there and fulfill their civic duty. And I appreciate being able to encourage and inspire people to do so.”

Evander Holyfield, heavyweight boxing champion

“It took me back to when I was in the second grade. I remember when the teacher said to us, ‘You know, everybody in this class room should have goals. You can be president if you want to be. Who wants to be president?’ Everybody in the room raised their hand except me. They teacher said, ‘Evander, how come you’re not raising your hand?’ and I said, ‘Because I don’t know what the president does.’ Then she told me and eventually raised my hand, too. I didn’t become president but I did become heavyweight champion of the world four times. But I was thinking, everybody in that classroom was born in ‘62. Then I found out that Barack was born in ‘62. So obviously when he was in the second grade, he must have been in a classroom somewhere raising his hand.” (EDITOR’S NOTE: Obama actually was born Aug. 4, 1961)

Usher, R&B singer

Atlanta’s five-time Grammy winner was in the nation’s capitol election night for his concert tour. “When I got off stage last night, and they told me he won, I just began to thank God for this reality, and opportunity. Now what we do with it as Americans, that’s the real difference, the real change I am so looking forward to.”

Usher joined Obama at numerous campaign rallies and his New Look Foundation also launched an “I Can’t But You Can” student-led voter registration drive. “I’m very proud to be an American. Proud to be an African-American. I mean, we came to this country as slaves and were treated as such for so long — long after we were supposedly ‘freed.’ The segregation that plagued our country, a lot of us suffer from it to this day. But it still speaks volumes about this country, about Barack Obama, that this could happen. … It’s like the completion of a story. “And you know, someone said something really profound to me this morning: ‘Rosa Parks sat so Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could march so Barack Obama could run so we could fly!’"

Ludacris, rapper, actor

As his business partners were having an election party in his Midtown restaurant Straits, Atlanta rapper-actor Ludacris was in St. Louis on a promotional tour for his new CD. “The first thing I did when the election was called for Barack was call my mother, and I thanked her for the sacrifices she made for me to witness this day. There’s a whole new confidence, a whole new hope and just endless possibilities. Now I can tell my daughter she can be the president — and she can see that it’s so.”

Ciara, R&B singer

The 23-year-old spent election night going back and forth from inside an Atlanta rehearsal studio to the hallway to check the results. “Finally, when rehearsals were over I just sat in the lobby area where the TVs are and watched the speeches. Just took it all in.

“I’ve just been feeling this sense of pride, like for days now,” she said. “Not just because of the history of the first black president — but because I just believe he will be a great president. Black people didn’t just vote for him, all ethnicities did. And I think that’s because Barack Obama sees us all as one. All Americans.

“I didn’t cry last night when I was watching his speech, but when I was driving here to rehearsal today, they were playing it on the radio with [contemporary gospel singer] Marvin Sapp’s ‘Never Would Have Made It’ underneath, and I just started boo-hooing.”

Bow Wow, rapper-actor

Having led the recent, nonpartisan, Walk Across America voter registration campaign at colleges across the country, Bow Wow earned the right to kick up his feet and watch CNN in his condo all day. “Last night though, I was in the studio with Jermaine [Dupri], and I kept asking him what was going with the results, and he wouldn’t say. He was being real cautious. Like he might jinx Barack. I knew he had it though, and when I finally went outside and found out, I just started yelling like my fans do when they see me. I couldn’t believe it. Then I sat down, and I really almost ” almost ” got choked up. To be a young black man, and know that so many other young black men don’t have a lot of hope ” that’s hope right there! Right on our TV screens. It doesn’t get any bigger or better than that. I found myself saying, ‘a black man is president’ like 30 times. Over and over. Feels good saying it.”

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WOW!!!! A Work of Art

Whatever I Like"- Obama Edition

This is cute

An Open Letter To My Grandma......

Dear Grandma,

Today is a very special day for the whole country, the whole world, but more importantly for you. You were born to the grandchildren of former slaves. You stopped going to school in the 5th grade to help your mother (my great grandmother) work cleaning the homes and scrubbing toilets of rich white families so that you could help put food on the table during the aftermath of the Great Depression. Even as an adult when you gave birth to my mother and aunts, you continued to work for these rich white families so that your children could have the opportunities that you didn't have.

Grandma, you marched when you were too tired to stand. You chanted when you didn't even know if your voice was being heard. You saw JFK and MLK get assassinated. You watched your friends get sprayed with hoses, bitten by dogs, beat by police. You saw crosses get burned and dealt with the racism in the deep south of Tennessee but you never gave up hope that one day a change would come.

Last night, your dream was answered. Your 86 years of struggle, strive and perseverance through the hills and the valleys weren't in vain. You watched as black, white, latin, asian and all races, genders, and sexual orientations came together to vote and let you live to see a black man becoming President of the United States. You will see a black man live in the house built by former slaves- The White House.

When I cast my ballot yesterday, I knew I was voting for a change. But it wasn't until I spoke to you this morning that I realized truly the impact that my vote has for you and the many others like you that never thought they would live to see this day. So, today as I walk taller, dream bigger, and see beyond what I thought my limits were, I think of you and simply say THANK YOU. TODAY IS YOUR DAY!!!

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