Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monica is definitely having THE BEST WEEK EVER!!!! She has become the "IT" girl of the blogosphere this week. She is covering the newest edition of Rolling Out and they have some beautiful photos of her inside. To read parts of the interview CLICK HERE.
Also, here is the rumored cover of her new cd... (Not feeling it)

Aaliyah Movie in the Works?!?!?

It's being reported that Canadian R&B Keshia Chante singer been casted to play Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic based on her life. The movie will begin shooting next. A release date has yet to be set. I think this is wonderful... as long as she embodies the greatness that was and still is Aaliyah. they do look alot alike!!!!

Bag That Bag: Monica's Prada

One of my loyal readers wanted some more info on Monica's handbag. Ask and you shall receive!!!! LOL!!!!

The Prada Tessuto S Satchel $1,250 is available at Saks 5th Avenue. Click HERE to head over there for more information.

Steal Her Style: Monica

Monica was spotted out and about at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta last night for her premiere party for "The Single", her new reality show!!!!! Here is a flick via!!! Brian Michael Cox, Yung Joc, Trey Songz and a host of other celebs were in the building to show their love and support.

Monica always exudes class and elegance in her look. She is always perfect for Steal Her Style!!!!! Monica is wearing a simple black dressy top with a houndstooth pencil skirt. And it just wouldn't be Monica if she didn't have her designer handbag. Last night, she took a break for Louis Vuitton and decided to rock her Prada bag!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Yall already know I am a huge fan of stealing someone's style but making it your own!!!! Click the image below for the details!!! You can always head over to Charlotte Russe and snag the Black and White Houndstooth Pencil skirt for under $30. I believe the one Monica is wearing the the Dolce & Gabbana version priced at $245 seen above!!!!

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Forget the Baller Belly........ I Got My Eyes On A New Prize!!!

There has always been something about a man's "happy trail" and those bones that poke out and lead to the treasure that has ALWAYS done something for me!!!!! WHEW!!!!! How I would like to take a walk down Nelly's "happy trail" and see what's on the other side of that rainbow!!!! Sorry Officer Ross, and all of the other men out there that holdit down with the baller belly's..... there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is CORNELL!!!!!! I may have to rethink my plans to stay in the house this weekend. Nelly is in town yall!!!!! (snagged from Necole Bitchie)

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In Memory Of K-Swift

Thanks and much appreciation always to blog reader Kisha P for sending these over. RIP K-Swift

America's Top Video Vixen is BACK!!!!!

Video vixen Esther Baxter is featured in the newest issue of Black Men's Magazine. In the issue, Esther dishes about her new role in life as a recent college graduate, wife, and mother to her new son.......... I didn't even know she was ever pregnant!!!!!! Well, her retirement is OVER!!!!! Watch out Angel & Dollicia, the reigning queen of the video vixens is back!!!!!!!! Why do I call her the queen? Because she is the only video chick that had girls from Harlem to Hollywood rocking the blonde on top-black on the bottom 2-toned hairstyle!!!!! When a video vixen becomes a trendsetter, she is THE QUEEN!!!!! LOL!!!!!! And, inspiring chicks to get ass injections doesn't count :-)

Esther was always one of my favorite video vixens. Don't get it twisted... I LOVE "D" but I'm also secure enough as a woman that I can appreciate the beauty of another female and Esther is beautiful. Time for me to get on my Krispy Kreme, steak and potatoes diet so I can gain some weight and get my "Esther Baxter Body" by next summer!!!!!! Here are a few of her new shots and she also has a new website where you can see more!!!!! Also, to check out more of her shots in Black Men's Magazine, head over to Real Talk NY, which is whereI also snagged these shots from :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get Your Ankle Strap Pumps and Skinny Jeans Ready!!!!

So, as I reported a couple weeks ago, it looks like this whole "skinny jeans inside of your ankle strap pump" look is really about to be the trend of the fall. While browsing over at TheYBF, I spotted this photo of singer Cassie. Like we saw with Kim K the other week, Cassie also has her pump strapped over-top of her skinny jean! I think the look is cute and unique.

There are a few different ways you can experiment with this look. I think I may attemp to try the high-waist skinny jean with a simple white tee, colorful scarf tied neatly aorund my neck (like monica) and matching pumps with the strap around my skinny jean!!!! What better way to collaborate all of the fall trends I have recently posted into one fabulously flawless look!!!!! I may even take it one step further and wear the pump ankle strap over top of some stirrup leggins or jeans!!!!!!!!! *thinks to self*......Girl, you are so creative!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Take a look below to get an idea of the correct type of pump to try this look at home with!!!

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Monica Dishes on How Rocko "Popped The Question!!!"

The homie ATLien from "Straight From The A" recently spent the day with singer Monica. The interview was one of the best I have read in a long time!!!!!! Monica opens up about alot of things.... and this was just part one. Make sure yall head over there to read the whole exclusive interview. I'm excited to read part 2 tomorrow. Also, here is a little snippet detailing exactly how Rocko proposed to Monica!!!!!

ATLien: "How did Rocko propose?"

Monica: "It was Christmas Eve at midnight, we were home alone in the bedroom and he said ‘close your eyes and listen.’ He put the ring on first. I knew what was coming next so I did what I was asked. He proceeded to talk about our history together, the kids. He and he very directly just poped the question. I automatically said ‘yes!’

Naturally my next question was when and where…but Mo was clear that she was letting her man take the lead. She has always believed that you don’t have to pressure a man.

Monica: "So many people believe that once you’re engaged you have to be married by a certain time or when you date someone you should be engaged by a certain time…but I was 19 when we started dated and there has never been a moment where I felt put on hold. Everything happened the way it was supposed to."

In My InBox: She Thought She Won A Toyota!!!!

Please do your own self a favor an click the above pic to enlarge so you can read the story!!!!! This right here is called "justifiable homicide"!!!! LMAO!!!!!

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I Want To Work For Diddy is CRAZY!!!!!!!

Last night I got the chance to catch the premiere episode of the "I Want To Work For Diddy" reality show that premieres on VH1 on August 4th!!!! WHOA!!!!! That's all I can say. This season is going to be CRAZY!!!!!! Diddy is back to his usual bullish of making people do things for him like clean his car, buy underwear and socks from Sean Jean, go to his recording studio and take food orders and then get the food from a restaurant on the other side of NYC, etc!!!! I'm not going to spill too much. Just be sure to tune in August 4th for the excitement and drama.
LaVerne, the first black reality tranny star, is absolutely fabulous and you can't really tell she's a man until she opens her mouth!!!! Kim talks to much andtries to have wayyyyy too much control. Stefanie seems real cool. the others ones names I can't remember right now but what I can say is that there is going to be a whole lot of fighting and arguing going on!!!!!
For those that want to catch the first episode before it airs and/or see edits from the first show, hit up your Comcast On Demand!!!!!!You can't knock this man's hustle. Making the Band is also gearing up for another season on MTV in August as well!!!

I also had the chance to check out the first episode of New York Goes To Hollywood....... *snore*!!!!!! The only LA that New York needs to go to is LA FITNESS because chick has gained hella weight since we first saw her on Flava of Love. Other than that, the show is awful!!!

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TI Wants To Claim Shawty Lo as a Dependent on His Taxes?!?!?!

Last week I posted a spotlight on Don Juan Fasho of Cincinnati's 101.1 The WIZ-FM. Well, his name is back in the news again!!!! Don Juan Fasho recently spoke with TI and yall know he had to ask about Shawty Lo!!!!! TI kept his response very "grown man" and basically said he wants to see if he can claim Shawty Lo as a dependentof his taxes this year, since he is the reason for all of Shawty Lo's recent income!!!!! DAMN!!!!! That's CRUCIAL!!!!! LOL!!!!! Anyway, here is the transcript for you to read and enjoy. Once I get it uploaded to zshare, I will post the actual audio!!!!

Don Juan FaSho: “What's the deal man. I know it's been out there in the media or whatever. What's the deal with you and Shawty?”

TI: "Ain't no deal. *laughs* I mean *laughs* You know man. Lil dude man... Lil dude want attention man you know. And, you know, he throwing tantrums, you know what I'm sayin, when he don't get it. But, I mean, it ain't nothing. God blessed him... Safe travel. But I mean, nah man on the real dog, just think about it. Just think about bro. On all of my interviews, you hear me being interviewed, you read about me, you hear me talking about my album, my artists, my movies, my clothing hear me talking about all of the other things I got going on professionally. When you hear him being interviewed, what do you hear him talking about? ME- THAT'S IT!!! I'm all he got to talk about. So, I mean, if you was him... if you put yourself in his position and you saw that the only time people wanted to speak to you was when you was talking about TI what would you do? You would continue talking about TI."
" But you know what though, dog, you know I ain't even mad at him you know what I'm saying. At this point I look at it.. it's a marketing tool. You know what I'm saying. I see that's the decision he made, you know, he think that that's gonna get him to where he wanna be in life. So, what I'm looking in to, since I'm the reason for all of his income this year..... since all the shows he's getting is based off of me and my name... I'm gonna see if I can claim him as a dependent on my taxes. I'm gonna try and write him off on my taxes. And, you know, then I think we'll be even!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bentley's Bash!!!!!

Click on the flyer to enlarge!!!!! For those that want to have a good time this weekend but don't want to donate $50 general admission to Diddy's baby momma's child support fund, head on out to Verve and chill with the fantabolous Mr. Fonzworth Bentley. BTW... I'm LOVIN his new video with Andre 3k and Kanye West!!!

Where Was Officer Ross When We Needed Him?!?!?!?

Soulja Boy's 18th birthday went down at a major mansion in Atlanta last night. MTV camera's were in the building for filming of Soulja Boy's version of Sweet 16 called "Swagga 18".!!!! Personally, if you were over the age of 22 and didn't have a legimate reason to be in the building (radio personalities, party coordinators, reps with Soulja Boy's label, family, etc....) what was your purpose?!?!? I know of a few grown ass folks with absolutely no legimate business about themselves that were in the building and didn't bring any tweens as their cover!!!!!!
Anyway, Necole B has the scoop on the catfight between Princess and Diamond of Crime Mobb!!!!! Another one of those wack ass filet mignon beefs. I can remember having real beef with a chick a few years back and I can tell you it wasn't any looking at each other talking ish when we came face to face. It was TOS= Terminate on Sight!!!! I saw the chick leaving out a McDonald's parking lot across the street from my house and I stopped my car immediately and jumped out. When you have REAL BEEF with a bish, there isn't any time for words. There is barely anytime to think about who, what , when, where, and why. All you see is "the target"........

KISS- Keep It Simple Styles

Baby Mama of the Millenium Kim Porter was spotted out with her baby daddy and the kids over this past weekend. Kim's style in this photo is very simplistic yet cute. I've complied a few lookes (some that I have already posted) to show you just how simple it is to dress up a white top and some jeans!!! Enjoy!!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

TI Says "Respect My Vote"

The Hip Hop Caucus,, and Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award Winning SuperstarT.I. have joined forces to launch a powerful new voter registration andGet Out the Vote campaign that combines the power of celebrity and media with 21st century grassroots organizing tactics to mobilize and educateyoung people between the ages of 18 and 29, who are not in college. The campaign slogan, "Respect My Vote!" and t-shirts were unveiled today at a press event in Washington, DC, with DJ Green Lantern, Dawn from DanityKane, Young Berg, Maino, and many others turning out to support.

The campaign, led by T.I. will employ other celebrities, athletes andhigh profile influential figures to get out the vote in a variety ofways including PSAs for radio, television and online use; in personappearances; press events; mobile and email alerts from celebritiesthemselves; and an aggressive online campaign.

T.I., who is gearing up for the release on his highly anticipated newalbum, "Paper Trail" (Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records) on September 30thand has grown to truly be one of his generation's most captivatingspeakers explains, "It's an honor and a pleasure to be involved with theHip Hop Caucus and be a part of such a worthy cause and importantcampaign. I look forward to urging the masses to take advantage of theright that I no longer have."

..... For those that are unaware, in some states, convicted felons are stripped of their right to vote and, judging by the staement that TI just made, Georgia is one of those states and TI is unable to vote.

My Baby Studied Criminal Justice

The Smoking Gun has obtained Ross's 86-page personnel file. The file includes Ross' employment application that shows that he had a clean criminal background. It also revealed that he attended Albany State College and studied CRIMINAL JUSTICE. In a supplemental application, Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties, including "shoot an inmate attempting to escape." Ross also received a certificate of appreciation from the Department of Correction for Perfect Attendance! To view the documents, log on to The Smoking Gun

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