Friday, June 27, 2008

Plies Announces Power of Vision Non-Profit Organization

Big Gates/Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic recording artist Plies has announced details of his very own non-profit organization, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions Foundation, Inc., as well as a scholarship program, the "Somebody Loves You" Scholarship Fund. Keeping in the tradition of Plies’ philanthropy, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions will provide funding for legal representation and aid to needy individuals, specifically those who are incarcerated, with the goal of promoting a more functional, productive, and just community. The organization will also provide educational forums, classes, workshops, trainings, opportunities, and other charitable activities aimed at individuals in the community, in particular focusing on rehabilitation.

In addition, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions will focus on promoting activities for youth and minorities, including education, mentorship, cultural experiences, and preventative measures aimed at combating incarceration in the Tampa and Ft. Myers, Florida areas.

The organization’s first effort will be the "Somebody Loves You" Scholarship Fund 2008 (named after the song "Somebody (Loves You) "from his current album), which is designed specifically for students attending an accredited college or university, who have a parent(s) that is presently incarcerated and who is financially disadvantaged. The scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled or who will be entering school this fall. Two scholarships will be awarded to one male and one female in the amount of $5000 each.

For more information on the organization and scholarship, as well as scholarship application details, visit

When Outfits Try Too Hard..............

Ladies, this is what hapens when we buy a pair of shoes and just HAVE to wear them!!! Note to self: Make sure I have a bad @ss outfit before I make one up to go with my shoes and FAIL!!!! (P.S. Accessorizing doesn't always work, as seen above and below)

Real Housewives of Atlanta?!?!? "Dealing With Diddy" Would Be Better!!!

Necole Bitchie has all the info about The Real Housewives of Atlanta!!!!! I know The Real Housewives of NYC had my full attention. The new series, which premieres at the end of this month, will feature mostly NFL/NBA players wives. Now, I don't know about everyone else but I would really much rather see the cast include Sherlita Patton (wife of Big Boi), Tonya Ski (wife of radio personality Frank Ski), and Tameka Raymond (you already know). To be honest, what I would REALLY like to see is a spin-off called "Dealing With Diddy" with Kim Porter, Sarah Chapman, and Misa Hilton-Brimm all showing how life is with Diddy as their baby daddy!!!!! Head over to Necole's site to see exactly who these new ladies are and who they are connected to!!!

StyleRazzi Exclusive: Is Raz B Getting MARRIED?!?!?

StyleRazzi sources have been kicking it hard in LA during the BET festivities and they are just now reporting back with the good gossip!!! Now, Raz B and a young lady were spotted Monday night at the 2nd Annual Producers Ball at BLVD 3 on Sunset. Sources overheard Raz B telling many folks that he and his ladyfriend/girlfriend are engaged and are GETTING MARRIED!!!!! We'll keep you updated if we hear anything else.

The new soon to be Mrs. Raz B was at his side for the Game 6 Lakers vs. Celtics viewing party. Wireimage and Getty Images lists her as actress Amanda Pratt. Look, she has already learned how to hide that engagement ring finger!!!! If you want to keep your pending plans a secret, next time you may not want to say them loud enough for folks to hear!!!

Congrats to the lovely couple!!!

Leave it up to to bring the comic relief for this end of the week Friday!!!!! I swear this has been the longest week EVER!!!! Anyway, Sol in NYC had their 4th Annual Celebrity All-White Party last night. To me, All White Parties are as old as T-Boz's hair style on the BET Awards. Yes , I said it- 1992!!!! I'm just glad none of these chicks had track stains!!!!!!! Enjoy the foolishness....... I wish women would start to realize that real sexyness is shown when you don't show it all!!!!!

As an added bonus, check out this chick doing wayyyy to much at Plumm on Monday..................................................

Hey Rihanna: Get Ready For November!!!!

Word on the streets is that Beyonce is due to release her third album this November. The highly anticipated, still untitled album includes production by super producer Rodney Jerkins and is said to have both mid and uptempo songs. Beyonce is supposedly looking for a more "pop" feel this time around and it's said to already be reflected in her new songs!!!! So Rihanna, enjoy the summer and fall while Beyonce takes a mini hiatus to record songs and star in movies!!!! Come November.... SHE'S BACK!!!!!!

First Comes The Fame- Then Comes The Lawsuits!!!!

Via Drew Reports: Three producers initiated legal action in a California courtroom yesterday (June 25), accusing T-Pain, SRC Records boss Steve Rifkind and others of copyright infringement. At issue is T Pain’s hit single "I’m N Luv With A Stripper," which a group songwriters claim is stolen material.

According to a complaint filed Monday (Jun 23) with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Rodney King (no relation), Jeff Byrd and James Reese are demanding a trial by jury and seeking an award for damages including any gains, profits and advantages obtained as a result of the alleged infringement.

In 1997, the three plaintiffs, who collectively have worked with the likes of Lionel Richie, Teena Marie, and 90’s group All For One, created a song titled "Makin’ Luv 2 A Player."

The lawsuit suggests that T-Pain, born Faheem Najm, then received a copy of their song, from which he drew more than inspiration for his 2005 hit featuring Mike Jones.

"The musical hook is nearly identical," attorney Gregory Bodell told sources. "It’s a little slower in my clients’ song, but it was of course recorded 8 years earlier. When I listened to it, I said, ‘That’s the same hook.’

"Given how similar the hook is musically, and the lyrics aren’t that different, from ‘Makin’ love to a playa’ to "I’m in Luv Wit a Stripper,’ it’s hard to believe that Rifkind, who had my clients’ original song, didn’t give the song to T-Pain," Bodell claimed. "It is especially likely that this happened since originally, back in ’98 when he met with Mr. King, he and his A&R staff were trying to determine which of his artists would best perform the song. It seems they found T-Pain in 2005."

The plaintiffs have requested that the court determine an amount of punitive and exemplary damages that is "sufficient to punish [the defendants] and to deter similar conduct in the future," according to the lawsuit.

So it took these folks 3 years to realize that T-Pain stole the song from them?!?!?! Or is it maybe that it took T-Pain 3 years to become one of the hottest, most requested artists in the game and these folks realized they now can actually get some money from him?!?!?! And if they wrote the song in 1997 and it took until 2005 for it to become a hit then they should be THANKING T-Pain for a job well done!!!

Russell Tells His Side

Despite rampant rumors regarding the divorce between Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, things are actually reported to be "just fine" between the 2 ex's. Russell Simmons has finally spoken out on his site The Global Grind regarding everything that has been reported in the news. Check out what he has to say by CLICKING HERE.

The way he explains everything, it makes perfect sense- to me. Some old school rappers/ music execs do not roll with a large entourage and/or a big security team and Russell is one of these people. Kimora, however, rolls with security and a nanny for the children. Me, being a mother myself, I definitely understand Kimora wanting to protect her children. People in this world are SICK!!!! And, if yall have ever watched "Life in the Fab Lane", that little Aoki requires so much attention that someone could snatch lil Ming Lee in the blink of an eye. Aoki made ME tired just watching her on the show!!!!

The only thing I do not understand is the child support agreement. I believe that both parents are well off enough that they should be able to provide for the girls without an arangement being needed. But I also look at Kimora and Russell's lives. Their entire relationship has always been more of a business arrangement so having a child-support "contract", so to speak, seems perfectly logical. ANyway, make sure you read it for yourself. Things are always so much better when they come straight from the horses mouth!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo of the Day: His Shoes Are Cute

Don't yall agree? The shoes are fabulous!!! My whole reason for posting this was to show off the shoes!!! :-)

Hope Kanye Doesn't Have a Blog Blackout Again!!!!

Via Drew Reports: Rapper KANYE WEST has been ordered to pay over $600,000 to settle the mortgage on his late mother’s home.Dr Donda West died in November (07) from complications following a cosmetic surgery procedure, and the Stronger hitmaker has since been handed control of her estate.

But now West, who inherited $250,000 of assets from his mother, has also been handed a court order asking him to pay off her debts - which have been incurred by delayed payments on the late 58-year-old’s Illinois condo.West will have to settle the unpaid fees as well as interest payments, which have been mounting since his mother’s sudden death.

Which One Would You Let "BUST IT"?!?!?

Same Size, different swag. So, I must ask, WHICH WOULD YOU LET "BUST IT"?!?!? Yall already know I would take some of Rick Ross' "hot grits on my spine" ANYDAY!!!! LMAO!!!

MAN DOWN!!!!!: Frankie Writing A Book

Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie is a special in-studio guest in the Porsche Foxx Show on V-103 in Atlanta. Porsche dropped the BOMB when she revealed that Mama Frankie is writing a book called "2 Sides To Every Story"!!!! TYRA MAIL!!!!! I officially can't wait for this!!!! Now, yall know Frankie can get confusing sometimes. She and Porsche began to talk about FRANKIE's OWN REALITY SHOW but I don't know if she is referring to Season 3 of Keyshia Cole's reality show or if she is actually getting her own show. Either way, I will be tuned right in for all of the action. Mama Frankie made the show and if cameras are going to be following her around for her OWN SHOW , I'm going to be all in!! . Frankie also revealed she is dating a 23 year old man!!!! HOLLA!!!! I'm listening live now so I will keep you all updated on the details as they come out!!!!

Photo of the Day: The Smith's

Jada Pinkett Smith looks absolutely STUNNING. Her and hubby Will were spotted arriving at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Dinner and this is the best I have seen her look- EVER!!!!! To view more photos, head over to Fresh at C&D!!!

A Picture Is Worth A THOUSAND Words

.................or in this case, worth a thousand diseases!!!! LMAO!!!! Lil Kim & Diddy giving each other the "COME F*CK ME" eye. YUCK and EWWW!!!!

John McCain Is Computer ILLERATE!!!!

Click the above photo to view the recent story about presidential candidate John McCain. McCain himself, and his advisors, all admit to him being computer illerate and just simply being "aware of the internet".
Now, how is a man running for President in the 21st Century not able to work something as simple as a computer? But he wants to run an entire country that right now is in one of it's poorest conditions of our lifetimes?!?!?! Our entire lives are pretty much run by computers, pda's, and the internet but McCain won't even take the time to take a simple class to learn how to work a laptop or blackberry?!?!?! Everyone PLEASE register to vote and then MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!!! We have the chance right now to determine our destiny for the next 4 years and beyond. MAKE IT COUNT!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ruben Is In Love With a Stripper

So yesterday on The Urban Blogger, I reported that American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard obtained amarriage license and was marrying 30 year old Surata Zuri McCants. I also gave some info on there about how Ruben likes to frequent Magic City Strip Club here in Atlanta. (I saw him with my own 2 eyes on night spending all his dough on the ladies of the night). Little did I know, at the time, that Ruben's fiance was one of the girls featured in the infamous TIP DRILL video, which we know featured some of ATL's finest strippers!!! Shoutout to Bossp for digging up the old video so we can see Ruben's fiance before he made an honest woman out of her. I guess it was her ass and her face!!!! LMAO!!!!

Yellow= The New Black

Some of our favorite ladies were rocking yellow last night on the red carpet. Though they may not have rocked it well, they all tried reall hard!!!! Yellow is the new "IT" color of the summer!!!! Here are a few little cheap items I found that you can purchase to experiment with yellow. As always, for the specifics, click the photo!!!

StyleRazzi BET Awards Eye Candy

MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!!!!! (thanks Frankie!!! HOLLA!!!!) Something about that left erect nipple poking out just made my whole damn week!!!!! WHEW!!!!!! Someone call the ambulance because this bish needs to be recessitated!!!! Thank me later, ladies :-)


Keyshia Cole's Family Reunion went down in LA last night!!!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!! Just kidding yall but, in the word of Fresh, THE EBT AWARDS were in full effect at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last night. I used the above photo of Angel because that should be a clear indication of exactly how relevant these awards were. I will let yall know that this post won't be too long. I'm trying to work on my tact and haterism so therefore I will only say things that I feel really need to be said!!!! For a full LIVE BLOG of the awards, check out Necole Bitchie (who I'm sure yelled BISH STOP TEXTING ME at least one time at me last night!!!! Sorry NB!! LMAO!!!) and BlogXilla, who did his live blog over at Crunktastical. Now let's begin................. Oh, yeah, I will let yall know I've snatched photos from everybody's site so, if you have an issue..... you just have an issue!!!! J/K

The awards started off AWFUL by the Usher performance. If this wasn't a clear indication that he needs to retire then I don't know what other sign he needs. It was like watching Bobby Brown, who clearly still thinks he got it. I just kept SMH the entire time. Then, I knew the awards were going to be a complete disaster when DL Hughley came out with his first lame @ss joke, and the wackness continued throughout the night. He misread the teleprompter A MILLI times and did the ultimate F*CK UP when he called Marvin Sapp WARREN SAPP!!!! Imma need for DL to not ever, eva eva eva host the BET Awards again- EVER!!!!!


Ne-yo showed up and showed out but he was a bit too Michael Jackson-ish to me!!! I told my friend "IF this nigga moonwalks, I'm going to fall the f*ck out!!!!" I will say he gave Usher a run for his money and Ne-Yo isn't even a dancer!!!! The chick in the photo with him was also his date (I guess because they were all hugged up in the audience). Al Green pretty much was the best performance of the night to me. Marvin Sapp did his thing too but I was hoping he did a little bit more than the "traditional" gospel performance. That song along was enough to make the show.

Lil Wayne shut it down (of course) and T-Pain's performance would've been HOT if he would've brought Plies out!!!!! Is it just me or does DJ Khaled need some ADD medicine?!?!?! He reminds me of my son after a bit too much candy!!!!!! And, lets take this moment to recognize Rick Ross coming out with his jacket open!!!!! WHEW WHEW WHEW!!!!!! A bish almost passed out!!!!!! Next time I need advance warning because my heart can't take too much more of that big ol chocolate M&M!!!!!!

Ciara shut down Chris Brown's boring ass performance.

She just didn't bring that same heat to the horrible STEPPED ON MY J's song. (On a side note, congrats to Ciara for signing a modeling with Wilhelmina and also venturing out to start a clothing line)

I'm trying to keep this short. There was so much bad that I can't pick and choose. Keyshia Cole's performance!! Help me understand why Keyshia had that 1996 prom roller wrap and power puff girl dress on?!?!?! Next time, KeyKey, don't make it THAT obvious that you are wearing a butt pad!!!!

And lil Kim should've just been sent home when she showed up on the red carpet looking like an Asian Anime character.

And when Rihanna out sings you at an awards show there is officially a PROBLEM!!!! I won't even talk about Neffie and Frankie attempting to read the teleprompter. Reading is so fundamental and the sad thing is I'm SURE they practiced!! HOLLA!!!!!

Alicia Keys left the awards and went to get a week's supply of Monistat 7. Her pants were so tight they almost gave ME a yeast infection. And, when she came up to accept her award, someone should've told her that her half-body black Spanx were showing!!!!

I need for Gabrielle Union to not EVER show up to present an awad with her hair looking like she got it done for 3rd grade picture day!!!! A part with a ponytail AND Shirley Temple Curls?!?!? GIRL STOP!!!!

T Boz T Boz T Boz....... how can you go 15 years without changing your hairstyle?!?!?!? And those horrid pants!!!!! Chilli is NOT your true friend because if she was, she would've tackled your ass backstage and revamped your outfit!!!!

And help me undertstand how Taj (SWV) is married to Eddie George (go Buckeyes) but she doesn't have access to a personal trainer to get rid of her booty-do?!?!?!

Jermaine Dupri wearing mixed-matched J's during the Nelly performance... TRY AGAIN LITTLE MAN!!!!!! Do us all a favor and step on that damn song. STOMP THAT BISH OUT because it's the worst!!!!

As i think of more things, I may post but, at this point, I need BET to do much MUCH better for the Hip-Hop Awards!!!

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