Friday, February 29, 2008

Myra Panache Tells It Like It Is!!!!!!

I appreciate folks like MYRA PANACHE & PANACHE REPORT for "raging against the machine" (aheem, Diddy) and speaking her mind. Read below what she had to say about certain entertainers that have decided to become actors!!!!

A black site ran a headline last week, "Watch Out Denzel, Diddy Is Turning All Of His Attention To Acting." Denzel has nothing to worry about because Sean "Diddy" Combs cannot act and he lacks leading man talent and leading man looks. Although the recent TV premiere of "Raisin In The Sun," garnered big ratings, Diddy was the weakest link among the cast. His portrayal wasn't convincing and if he is serious about pursuing acting, he needs to attend acting classes.

Combs is allegedly getting in shape to portray an action hero in an upcoming film. Action hero roles require more physical endurance than acting chops, again, Diddy doesn't have the physique of an action hero, Boris Kodjoe would be more suited for this type of role.

A few years ago, a respected cable channel announced that Diddy had been selected to portray guitar blues legend Robert Johnson in an upcoming bio. This would be a travesty and blues purists were outraged. I know I won't be watching.

It was announced a few weeks ago that Beyonce will portray R&B legend Etta James. Again, why wasn't an "real" black actress considered for this role? Beyonce is not on the level of other entertainers who became successful actresses and actors like Diana Ross (Oscar nominee), Cher (Oscar winner), Frank Sinatra (Oscar winner) and Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner). This is a miscast and Jennifer Hudson should have been considered for the role since the producers were determined to cast a singer in a role that should have gone to a black actress. I am a Beyonce fan but she needs to attend acting and diction classes.

The producers of "American Gangster," were seriously considering rap mogul Jay-Z (no acting experience) for the role of Frank Lucas until actor Denzel Washington expressed interest in the project. If Jay-Z would have gotten the part, it's doubtful the movie would have grossed as much.

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Happy Birthday, Bobby V..........P.S. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!


Harsh, right!!!!! Bobby V celebrated his 28th birthday at Luckie in Atlanta on Wednesday night but word on the wire is he was recently released from his deal with DTP/ Def Jam, along with Shareffa and Steph Jones. To me, Bobby V is a true artist with mulitple talents who didn't get the proper backing and support from Ludacris, Chaka, and Def Jam to become as successful as he should have been. Both of his albums are HOT HOT HOT and he has a true fan base that loves everything he does!!!!! I even remember seeing Bobby auditioning on the first season of American Idol and getting a THUMBS DOWN from Simon, but her recovered from that gracefully so I have no doubt he will keep it moving on this set-back.

I find it very difficult for artists to succeed properly when the president of their label has a more vested interest in their own careers. Bobby and other DTP artists have a double strike on this one with Luda being head of DTP (and more concerned about his own acting/ rapping career) and Jay-Z formerly being HNIC at Def Jam!!!!! We at StyleRazzi wish Bobby V the best in taking the next step in his career.
You may be asking yourself "Why, Bobby??? Why not other DTP groups?" Well, I don't know why they still have Chingy's WACK @ss on the label. Playaz Circle has been doing major things with their one single that has been released (even though there are some other songs on their debut cd that are really fly like "Paper Chaser" ft. Phonte of Little Brother). Don't expect to see Playaz Circle going anywhere anytime soon. They have been friends with Luda since the early, first beginning stages of his career when he was still just Chris Luva Luva:
Another aspiring rapper who moved to their College Park apartment complex and would soon become a part of their circle was a loquacious MC named Chris Bridges (AKA Ludacris), who would one day be the opening act for PC. According to the Circle, Luda first befriended Lil' Fate and the two of them soon started working on demo tapes at his place. Shortly afterwards Lil' Fate introduced Luda to Tit and they all became friends, who shared a common dream making it in the rap game day. (source)

Quote of the Day: Lil Wayne Explains What's In His Cup

"But I'm going through that same sh-- with my friends, with my mom. Everybody wants me to stop all this and all that. It ain't that easy."
Weezy said he can't just quit cold turkey.
"Do your history, do your research," he vented. "It ain't that easy — feels like death in your stomach when you stop doing that sh--. You gotta learn how to stop, you gotta go through detox. You gotta do all kinds of stuff. Like I said, I'm a selfish-ass n---a. I feel like everything I do is successful and productive. It's gonna be hard to tell me I'm slipping. It's hard to sit and tell a n---a 'Stop.' 'F---, how can we tell this n---a to stop when every f---ing thing he do is successful? This n---a is making progress.

Lil Wayne explains the reason that he can't stop drinking his "Drank", "Lean", "Sizzurp", "Texas Tea", etc....... We all know that it is speculated Pimp C died of an overdose of the promethazine and codeine combination with his sleep apnea. On Sunday night during a concert in Newark, Lil Wayne told the audience that drinking this drink is a part of the culture in the south, even though Philadelphia is notorious for the mixture as well. It seems as though Wayne has no intentions on cutting back on his "Drank" and doesn't want to be compared to anyone, not even anyone who has passed from doing what he is currently doing (i.e. Pimp C)......

"Let me do me. Everybody's got their thing," he continued with frustration. "Why focus on me? Don't compare me to no one. Don't compare me to no one who has passed, and why they passed. I can walk out this b---h right now and get hit by a bus. Don't judge me. You wanna judge me, put on a black gown and get a gavel. Get in line with the rest of them that's about to judge me. I got court dates every other month. It's me against the world — that's how I feel." (source)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mysterious Luva: Baller Catching 101

Check out my blog buddy Necole Bitchie and intrigue yourself with her post about a new website called, which will alert you by text message when a baller has touched down in your city. She also offers some great tips, from that website I believe, on how to catch a baller. If the tips she's listed isn't enough and you would like more specific details and instructions, pick up this book I have above. I read this book about 3 1/2 years ago and it's just straight hilarity, along with some good tips!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Anyway, if you would like to purchase it, click the link below.

Here is what you will find in your book:

Baller Catching 101
• Top-20 Baller SEX POSITIONS (Photos!)

• Where To FIND A Baller

• Which Ballers Have The BIGGEST Penis


• Making A Baller Fall In Love

• Getting MONEY From A Baller

• What Kind Of SEX A Baller Likes

• The EASIEST Type of Baller To Catch • Turning A Baller Out In Bed

• GAMES To Play On A Baller

• Getting Your Rent Paid & A Free Car

• Learn All The SECRETS!

Upgrade Your Handbag Selection

You know it wouldn't be right if I didn't bring the new HOT-NESS for my ladies!!!! Are yall tired of Louis V, Gucci, Coach, Dooney, Prada, etc...... Want to rock something new on your arn this spring? Check out some fly handbags from MCM!!!!!!! We all know the 80's is making a strong comeback!!!!! Click on the photo for the detail on where to get each handbag. I believe they are all available at Bloomingdale's!!!! Check out the MCM site directly by clicking HERE!!!!

Men's Fashion Trends!!!!!!

So, today I was "site-seeing" over at one of my new favorite style sites STYLEGURU and saw a post that caught my eye. Last year, men rocking skinny jeans was all the rage. Omarion, Jim Jones, Pharrell, Kanye, etc........ they all rocked a pair of snug jeans or trousers. Me no likey that style at all so you can imagine my disgust when I saw that the new rage overseas is men rocking their jeans INSIDE of their boots?!?!?! Oh, hell no!!!!! Not on my watch. Now, the way Diddy rocked his Gucci boots in December, I can deal with that- IF A MAN SHOWS UP TO MY DOOR WITH $1500 BOOTS YOU WON'T HEAR ME SAY TOO MUCH LOL!!!!!!!- J/K But, anywho, let's not let this catch on too storng in the states. Choose one or the other- NOT BOTH!!!!! No Skinny jeans tucked in your boots fellas, please!!!

photo source:

And, as an added bonus, yall remember MCM, right?!?! Check out this fly @ss MCM Varsity Jacket for the Mens!!!!! LOL!!!!! Now this, I can rock with!!!!!! (source)

7 Whole Days....... or Has It Just Been 6?!?!?!

Shoutout to reader Meli M who sent over this "Double Take" of Vivica Fox via TMZ. Auntie Viv has "Trina Syndrome"- when you wear the same outfit twice in les than a month. I guess Viv thought since she wore the outfit on February 22nd, but wasn't photo'd in it, she could get away with it again across the globe less than a week later?!?!? WRONG!!!! She forgot she was caught on camera rocking the fit with the same damn accessories!!!!!! And isn't that the Harve Leger dress that chicks were rocking ALL LAST YEAR (specifically Mel B and Kim K)??!?!? I thought she put that look to rest after her wack birthday party last year? Anyway, I wish they ALL would put that look to bed for the rest of 2008.

PaPa Knowles, Come Get Your Child(ren)...........

So, rumor has it that Kelly Rowland is supposed to be posing for Playboy (and I'm starting to believe this because 3 days after I first heard the rumor, Kelly's people STILL HAVEN'T released a statement denying these rumors). Anyway, while Kelly is preparing to show her goodies, Solange is holding auditions for new dancers!!!!!! Really, SOlange? When did you revive your dead singing career? And who is going to pay to see you perform. You couldn't GIVE ME FREE TICKETS to see her perform. If Solange wanted to personally come to my house and do a mini concert I WOULD DECLINE because I have much more important things to do like SLEEP and watch PROJECT RUNWAY (I STAN so hard for Christian right now). Anyway, check out what Panache Report had to say while I check my calendar and make sure today isn't April Fools Day....................
Solange Knowles is following big sister Beyonce's lead and recruiting a band of unknowns to join her on tour. Beyonce held auditions for a dance troupe to appear in her videos and perform live with her and now Solange is hoping to form her own band the same way. She will be holding auditions for her "Hadley Street Dreams Band," in her adopted home of Los Angeles on 6 March (08). And she's hoping that her new recruits will be able to double up as dancers too. A spokesman for Knowles says, "The Hadley Street Dreams, a '60s-inspired full band, will perform all live shows with Solange in support of her upcoming album, to be released this August (08)." Knowles' requirements include two female backing singers, a drummer, guitar player, bass player and two pianists. Musicians who cannot make it to the March audition are invited to submit an try-out video to Knowles' website.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WTF?!?!?!?!? 4 Pregnant Women Arrested in DeKalb County- One With Untreated Gunshot Wound In the Stomach?!?!?!?!

From WSB News: DeKalb County police have taken 15 people into custody after a standoff ended Tuesday at a motel.

An officer on patrol saw someone suspicious running into a room at the Glenwood Inn. After an hour of negotiatoins, nine men and six women inside the room came out.

Police say four of the women are pregnant, including one woman who sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach a few days ago that had never been treated.

"Four of the females in that room were pregnant. One in particular had gunshot wound to abdomen, walking around, conscious. Officers believe she was shot prior to tonight's incident," said DeKalb County police spokeswoman Mekka Parrish.

Parrish says motel rooms were evacuated as a precuation. Glenwood Road was closed when the standoff began but has been reopened.

Police were waiting for a search warrant in order to search the motel room.

I have absolutely no words for this foolishness!!!!!!! I couldn't make this ish up if I tried!!!! DAMN SHAME

Ladies, Take Notes.......................

What's the BEST WAY to shut a "BLANKA" DOWN after he cheats on you and makes a public mockery of your relationship??????..................................

spotted @ bossip
Hook up with a blanka that has MORE MONEY, MORE SWAG, and the handles to knock that blakna the F out if he even fixes his mouth to attempt to talk sideways!!!!!!! Note to Jeezy- you have just been SHUT DOWN!!!!!!! Floyd Mayweather and Keyshia Cole were spotted getting real "chit-chatty" in Vegas. I know that smile, KeyKey. When a man is whispering sweet nothings in your ear. MmmmmHmmmm........ Floyd can make it Tsunami on Jeezy's BEST DAY!!!!!!! I give this a true thumbs up!!!!!!! Get it, girl. I ain't even mad at 'cha!!!


Even though there was snow flakes on my car and snow flurries in the sky when I left my home this morning, the warmth of spring and summer is still on my mind!!!!!!!! Last year, we saw Rihanna and Beyonce rock one-piece short jumpsuits/jumpers. Rihanna also rocked a lace Betsey Johnson short jumper during the Grammy festivities a few weeks back. Get ready for this fashion fad to catch on like wild fire!!!!! If you would like to get your jump on the trend, check out these jumpsuits I found over at BEBE's and be on the lookout for Forever21, Rave, and Charlotte Russe to jump on the JUMPER BANDWAGON real soon!!!!!!

J. Holiday and Trey Songz Tour Photos!!!!!

Shoutout to Trey Songz and J. Holiday's (aka The R&B Braid Brothers) folks for sending over these pics of the 2 fellas as they kicked off the first night of their tour. To view their entire tour schedule and see whenthey are coming to a city near you CLICK HERE

Shoe Fetish: Balenciaga Boots!!!!!!!

Hillary Duff was recently spotted out and about rocking some fly @ss open toe boots!!!!!!!! The public verdict on her boots are up in the air right now but she gets a YES from me. These Balenciaga Open Toe Boots are actually from their fall 2007 collection, so they are a bit out-dated in the fashion world. Never-the-less I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Yall know I love "different" shoes and these definitely fall into that catergory!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Take a look at some of the other views of this HOT SHOE!!!!!!

And, if you would like your own knockoff semi-similar open toe boots, head over to BEBE to get these Renee peep toe booties!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In My Inbox: And Just When We Thought We Had Seen It All, AGAIN!!!!!



AFTER........... any questions?

The Backstory: GARRICK Jacobson was in custody at Surry Hills police station when he apparently discovered his girlfriend used to be a man. Within hours of being released on bail, he went to her apartment and started "belting the hell" out of her, Downing Centre Local Court heard yesterday. The two police officers who allegedly revealed the information about his then partner's past are now charged with breaching privacy laws.

In a rare prosecution under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, Constables Tyrone Stacey and Brendan Ritson have pleaded not guilty to unlawful disclosure of information. The offence is punishable by up to two years' jail. The court heard Jacobson, 26, was held in custody on September 24, 2006, after being arrested for suspected theft. Stacey allegedly used the police computer system to access information about Jacobson's then girlfriend, Brigitte Fell, revealing her gender as male. Ritson, who was looking over his colleague's shoulder, allegedly shouted to Jacobson: "You're r . . . ing a bloke", the court has heard. After Jacobson denied it, he was allegedly shown paperwork indicating her gender and told: "See, it's a guy." As the officers defended the case yesterday, Ms Fell gave evidence that the incident "ruined my life".

She told the court she was born a male, undergoing gender reassignment surgery about 12 years ago "in London, and it cost a fortune". Complete strangers subsequently told her it was "the best sex change we've ever seen", she said. But Ms Fell did not share the information about her surgery with Jacobson, her boyfriend of about two months, because "he was temperamental enough".

Police were aware of other domestic violence incidents involving the pair in the two days prior to the assault, the court heard. Ms Fell said she woke in the early hours of September 25 to find Jacobson in her Surry Hills apartment, threatening to kill her. "Your f . . .ing mates the cops told me you're a man - is it true?" he allegedly said. Ms Fell said Jacobson then punched her repeatedly in the face. "He was belting the hell out of me," she told the court. She said she suffered concussion after falling over the balcony of her loft bedroom and woke up "covered in blood". "My whole face was broken," she said.

Ms Fell spent several days in hospital after the attack, for which Jacobson is currently awaiting sentence in the District Court. Ms Fell said she told only three or four of her "dearest friends" about her surgery but some police officers knew of it because she had sought their help after previous violent incidents. The court heard that when Jacobson was brought back to the police station following the assault, he allegedly said he had gone to Ms Fell's apartment "to cut her hair off . . . she was a she-man". The hearing continues today.

Photo of the Day: Jimmy and the Wifey!!!

So, Bossip is reporting that Jim Jones is getting married!!!!! Congrats Jimmy!!!! Here he is photo'd with his "supposed" fiance. I don't know her name but I DO remember this same chick being on the set of the "Ballin Remix" video. She is really pretty in person and, the only reason she stands out in my mind is because she had on a bad @zz one-piece black hoodie cat-suit with some BANGIN knee-high boots!!!!!! The outfit was real fly and basic but stylish enough for me to say "Swagger JACK!!!!!!", but my tummy game wasn't right enough at the time to rock a one-piece fitted catsuit, ya dig!!!! Anyway, congrats to the soon-to-be MRS. JONES!!!!!


Many of yall may remember the group PLAYA from back in the late 90's. Playa came out around the same time as Dru Hill and they were signed to Blackground music with Ginuwine and Aaliyah, among others. Collectively, Playa penn'd hits for Aaliyah, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, Brandy, and others.

It is being reported that yesterday, one of the members of the group, Stephen Ellis Garrett aka Static Major passed away in his hometown of Lousiville, KY. The cause of death is unclear at this point but some are saying he may have died from a brain aneurysm. Cheers 2 U was my JAM!!!! They also had alot of other great songs on their debut album they didn't make it to the mainstream. Rest in Peace, Static. You will be missed. Check out his myspace page by clicking the photo below or view Playa's Myspace page HERE!!!! (source)

Sabotage Maybe?!?!?!?

So, how many of you all have the pleasure of watching A Raisin in the Sun last night on ABC? I did. I missed the first hour because I was in the kitchen getting my "Emeril" on!!!!! LOL!!!! But a few of my folks in Columbus, Ohio missed about the first 15-30 minutes of the movie- not by choice.

When the movie came on in Columbus, it was being shown in Spanish with sub-titles????!!!!! Maybe someone in the control room "accidentally" GOOFED UP but, if so, why did it take so long to fix it? Long enough so that those viewers would switch channels therefore reducing the amount of viewer-ship (if that's a word) in the Metro Columbus, Ohio area!!!!!!! I wonder how many other cities this "mistake" happened in? Just like during the BET Hip-Hop Awards where the screen went BLACK during the beginning of the show!!!!!! Or like when Osama Bin Laden's photo was shown when a national news anchor was speaking about Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!! Sabotage maybe? Survey says YES YES and YES!!!!!!

It's Going DOWN in Charlotte this WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

The CIAA Tournament is hitting Charlotte this weekend !!!!! Here are some flyers to show whats going on if you are going to be in the city....... or just want to get away!!!!!! (Click Photo For The Largeness)

In My Inbox: Miss Tina Appearing On HSN February 26th!

Peep this email I received about Mrs. Tina Knowles appearing on HSN ALL DAY TODAY!!!!!!! Now, normally, this wouldn't be anything unusual from what I receive in my inbox but a few thing STUCK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB with this email from the folks over at Music World!!!!!!!!

Subject: Miss Tina Appearing On HSN February 26th!
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 23:59:00 -0800

Tina Knowles, designer extraordinaire and mother of Beyoncé, Solange
and Kelly Rowland, will be appearing on the Home Shopping Network to
showcase several new items in her Miss Tina line of clothing for Spring

She will also be appearing on HSN on February 26th from midnight to 2am,
7am-9am, 11am-12pm, 6pm-7pm and 9pm-11pm.

Inspired by a safari theme, Tina Knowles’ new Miss Tina collection for
February aptly titled "Precious Cargo," includes sportswear,
footwear, handbags and accessories including the launch of her new
jewelry collection.

Be sure to tune in early as Miss Tina sells out fast!

First of all "MISS TINA"?!?!?!? I thought it was "MRS. TINA". Since when is a married woman called MISS??!?!?! Maybe since her husband has been rumored to mess with Destiny's Child background dancers? And then mother of Beyonce, Solange AND KELLY ROWLAND??!?!?!?! Really? When did THIS happen? I know she is LIKE a mom but that is a strong mis-statement. I wonder what Kelly's REAL mom is thinking? And the BIGGEST ERROR I see in this email is DESIGNER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to be fired- PERIOD!!!!! That mess of House of DAMN STANKING HOT MESS WRONG Dereon can't even sell on the racks of TJ MAXX. Hope she has better luck with the older women...........................

Monday, February 25, 2008

Can You Recognize This Plastic Surgery MESS?!?!?

spotted @ Bossip

That's right, yall. It's TRACI BINGHAM!!!!!!!! She looks a HOT PLASTIC SURGERY MESS!!!!! At first, I thought this was Pepa form Salt N Pepa. Her lips are HUGE!!!!!! Talk about extreme. She looks like a man in drag. Poor thing. Her and Lil Kim and Vivica must all frequent the same surgeon. Angel Lola Luv and Megan Good- take close notes. This is your future if you don't put the knife and botox and lip injections down IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Here is a throwback shot of Traci during her better days........

Rumor Report: LJ's Got a Baby On The Way?!?!?!

Larry Johnson was made famous for being the male roommate of Jay-Z and boyfriend of Julissa but Panache Report has the new Juicy-Ness on this NFL player. Read on:

Jay-Z's former roommate, NFL player Larry (LJ) Johnson was allegedly in an incident in 2005 when a girlfriend allegedly spotted him with another woman and things turned bad. Now, he seems to be in another situation (involving two women) that has yet to be confirmed.
We realize that professional athletes are targeted by groupies and gold diggers for pregnancy purposes.

But, an unconfirmed rumor is making the rounds that a former ex-girlfriend (model) of Johnson's who he allegedly bought a Hamptons home for in the past, is allegedly pregnant.
Johnson is denying it's his kid because he has allegedly reconciled with Julissa (BET) and people are speculating that the baby may be the kid of another NFL player.

Real Housewives of Atlanta? PLUS MORE StyleRazzi HOT Links!!!!!

So, my homegirl LaShonda over at The E-Biz is always hitting me up with the hotness. Today, she informed me that there may be a REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA in the works on Bravo. I don't know about yall, but I'm so ready to see the Real Housewives of New York City when it premiers next month. And yesterday, while being a couch potato, I became a STAN for Millionaire Matchmaker while watching back to back to BACK episodes of that show!!!!!!!! Anyway, I don't know which housewives they would follow down here. They should do a REAL HOUSE-HUSBANDS of ATL the way some of these professional black women here be "saving" these men. Personally, I would like to see Tameka Foster-Raymond, Tonya Ski (wife of radio personality Frank Ski), and Sherlita Patton (wife of Big Boi) on the show.

I'm sure BET will be next and have a spinoff called "THE REAL BABY MOMMA'S of ATLANTA" starring Monica, Kim Porter (Diddy's baby momma #2), Sara Chapman (Diddy's Baby Momma #3) Chili of TLC (Dallas Austin is her baby daddy), and you know what, Tameka could even join this cast and teach the women how to become WIFEY!!!!!! I'm sure her and Chili would have a SHOW FOR OUR @SSES!!!!!! Hey, a girl can dream can't she :-) Anyway, head over to THE E-BIZ to read more and also check out some of my other Monday Hot Links!!!!!!
  • Shemar LOVES "The Smell of Fritos and the Taste of Corn?!?!" (Necole Bitchie)
  • What Animal Are You- Sea Lion, Rat, Chimp, or Praying Mantis? (BlogXilla)

Trey Songz "Last Time"

Trey Songz finished shooting his video for "Last Time" and the folks over at his record label have sent still shots from the video and also a link to watch it!!!!!!! Enjoy

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