Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Which Real Housewife of Atlanta Got Evicted?

click the photos for the largeness

So RHoA has ended but that doesn't mean the ladies have lost any of their mini-celebrity status. Folks are still talking about RHoA. Most recently, the topic of conversation has been about Nene Leakes getting evicted from her Duluth Mc-Mansion.

Nene spoke to the AJC and made many comments about how her name isn't on the eviction and blah blah blah. She also made claims about how we don't even know about her and Greg's relationship. Whatever, Nene. Could the reasoon that your name isn't on the house/eviction is because you had an eviction back in 2003 that could have an adverse affect on your credit had it not been paid yet? Come on now, it's a recession and we are all going through it. Why not just be honest? Oh, well. She's still my #2 fave housewife!

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