Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession- Part II

Part II of The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession is a follow-up to Part I. No pedicure is complete without a fresh manicure. Manicures aren't always the best do-it-yourself ideas, though. I usually can't get my nails filed just right and all even. So, what's the recession fix to the perfect manicure- SPA SCHOOLS!!!!

When you go into a nail salon, do you know if the person just graduated cosmetology school or if they are a seasoned nail tech? Most of us don't. We sign our name, wait to be called next, and put the care of our hands into the person across the table from us. The thing I like about spa/ cosmetology schools is that the students are working to perfect their craft so they will pay much closer attention that a seasoned tech that has become relaxed in their technique. I also believe the spa schools are much more sanitary than regular nail salons. Most manicures at spa schools are between $5-$15, depending on the service you select and the area you live in.

I know some of us are still rocking the acrylic nails. Personally, I love my natural nails so I think the recession is also the perfect excuse to rid the acrylics and go au naturale!!!! If you can ditch the acrylics, the spa schools also offer this sevice at a fraction of the cost of the regular nail salon!!!!! While there, check out their other spa services and treat yourself to a nice facial or body scrub!!!!!!

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, CLICK HERE to view the services at my favorite local spa school. If you're in Columbus, Ohio CLICK HERE. If you live outside of these areas, just use google to find your local spa school.

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