Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PZI Jeans Contest Winners.........

Congrats to PZI Jeans Contest Winners Fatimah Jackson of Toronto, Canada and Erika Smith of Houma, Louisiana.
Congrats to these 2 ladies and, for those that didn't win, don't worry!!!! We will be running another PZI Jeans Contest during the first quarter of 2009 when the new styles hit the scene!!!! Until then, check out www.pzijeans.com to get your own pair of jeans made especially for women with curves!!!!! Fatima & Erika, please contact Kandis Knight (kknight@pzijeans.com) for more information on how to claim your jeans!!!

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

WOW, amazing Proof of God on my blog said...

oh congrats everybody. I entered too...I own a pair of those jeans and they fit good

Anonymous said...

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