Thursday, December 18, 2008

Men's Style: Polo by Ralph Lauren

Back in the mid-90's, hip-hop head were breaking thier necks, and banks, to dress in the flyest Tommy Hilfiger gear!!! Now, we all know that trends and fads repeat themselves and, thanks to the help of Young Dro, Polo by Ralph Lauren is now becoming the new "IT" fashion must have for men this season!!!

Young Dro has been rocking Polo from head to toe ever since he hit the scene. The warm and pastel colors on his smooth dark skin made for a great entrance into the music scene and, to me, Dro is "The Polo King"!!! Now, a couple years later, everyone else is catching on to the Polo phenomenon. Don't get let in the dark. I know my folks in the mid-west are still rocking Ed Hardy, Evisu, and Gucci. I think it's my duty to inform the men of the country when it's time to Swap out your Swag and "SWAG UP" to the latest fashion trends this season.

And yall know once a style is made into a cake, IT's CERTIFIED!!!

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4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

kp said...

Okay! That cake is DOPE BOY FRESH. too cute.

M said...

What is it 2008 almost 09? That's about 20 years late. Polo been in season every season since the 80's. I still got vintage shit from the 90's that's still crazy.

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Anonymous said...

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