Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photo of the Day: Carmelo Look, But Don't Touch.....Until We Get Back To The Room

What I wouldn't give to be inside Carmelo Anthony's head at this exact moment!!!! LOL!!!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this one is saying "WALK 2 STEPS AHEAD OF ME SO IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE WE'RE GOING BACK TO FOUR SEASONS TOGETHER!!!!"

But I guess he forgot to tell this other chick not to be all up on him fixing his hat while they're in the VIP!!!


They sure did have a WHOLE LOT to talk about. I hope in 2009, athletes and entertainers learn how to keep their hoe-tivities off the blogs!!! The Paparazzi is ALWAYS LURKING!!!!

To check out more flicks from Carmelo Anthony at the Velvet Room this past Sunday, head over to


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PZI Jeans Contest Winners.........

Congrats to PZI Jeans Contest Winners Fatimah Jackson of Toronto, Canada and Erika Smith of Houma, Louisiana.
Congrats to these 2 ladies and, for those that didn't win, don't worry!!!! We will be running another PZI Jeans Contest during the first quarter of 2009 when the new styles hit the scene!!!! Until then, check out to get your own pair of jeans made especially for women with curves!!!!! Fatima & Erika, please contact Kandis Knight ( for more information on how to claim your jeans!!!

Tiny's Got New Teeth?

First off, let me start by saying I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been aking a break from the blog to do things like relax and live my life!!!! LOL!!!!!! But, anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Though I haven't been updating my own site, I have been reading others and I am starting to see one real common denominator for the majority of our black celebrites- NEW GRILLS!!!!!

While watching Bobby V's "Beep Beep" video the other day I said "hmmmmm, Bobby looks like he got new teeth". Even when Brandy was doing her "Access Granted" I said to myself "Brandy's got new teeth but her teeth were so pretty before". So, now whenever I see a celeb flash I smile, I IMMEDIATELY look really close at their teeth, like I did when I saw this flick right here over at Necole Bitchie's site..........

Ti & Tiny made an appearance, sort of, at Rocko's surprise birthday party (click here for all the juice on that). First off, it's kind of hard to throw a surprise party in Atlanta. Reason being that once word gets out, IT'S OUT!!!!!! My homegirl and I were in Lenox Mall on Saturday and we saw Rocko in passing as we were walking out of one of the stores. Like a gentleman, he spoke and said "what's up" and kept it moving. Earlier in the day, a blog buddy of mine had mentioned the party and said "Rocko is having a party at Straits"- not Monica is throwing Rocko a surprise party. Luckily, I didn't realize it was him at first because I would've stopped him and asked about the party...... SURPRISE RUINED!!! LOL!!!!

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post. Tiny got new teeth. Tiny also got a re-up on her lip injections as well. It just baffles me how she is getting all this work done on areas that she doesn't need it but she keeps skipping over the cosmetic work that CLEARLY needs to be done............ Check out the homie Necole Bitchie for more juice and flix from the surprise party!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Contest Time: Enter BY DECEMBER 29TH to Win a FREE PAIR of PZI JEANS!!!

Attention SEXY, Confident, Hard Working ladies -Worldwide!!
PZI Jeans Appreciates you!

Stylerazzi has teamed up with PZI Jeans “Finally JEANS That Fit!” to get some special ladies looking hot for ‘09! We’re giving 2 Stylerazzi readers a pair of PZI perfect fit jeans! Yes free!!!****Just enter (follow directions carefully below). The more who enter .....the sooner we can do it again!


Open to all Stylerazzi readers!

1. Send your first and last name to from a VALID e-mail address. Winners will only be contacted via e-mail.

2. In the subject line –you must write Why I am a PZI Woman and your HOMETOWN!

3. PZI Jeans honors women who strive hard to remain a positive force in the world and have overcome obstacles in 2008!

You must submit a brief essay telling us about your career endeavors and how you plan to go into the New Year with a positive outlook. Winners will then be announced Monday, on December 29th, right here on 1 entry per person.

ATTENTION ASPIRING MODELS: PZI Jeans is looking for everyday women to model for their website and possibly ad campaigns, if you are an aspiring model please send a picture of yourself trying on PZI jeans at your local PZI Jeans distributor (log on to to locate a store near you that carries PZI Jeans or ask for PZI Jeans at you local Macy's!).

PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4-16 with 31, 34, 36 and 38 inch inseams so that women short and tall can buy her jeans off the rack with no more costly alterations. PZI Jeans are available at select Macy’s Stores and over 600 retail stores in the United States and overseas with plans to expand into South America. For more information about PZI Jeans or to find a store near you, log on to

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Plies ft Ashanti "Want It, Need It"

People, men specifically, ask me "why I love Plies so much"?!?! Well, when a man consistently talks about how good his "oscar" is, a woman naturally wonders if it's really the real deal. The way Plies talks, how he carries himself, and the confidence (not cockiness) he exudes makes me love him. He is an attractive man but all of those things combined make him FINE!!!!

Photo of the Day

Diddy's other baby momma, Sarah Champan, was spotted hanging out at Leo Marshall's b-day party in ATL @ Opera the other night. I love that she is alway smiling and having a good time (unlike the other baby momma). I LOVE Sarah's hair color combo!!!! She is fabulous!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Men's Style: Polo by Ralph Lauren

Back in the mid-90's, hip-hop head were breaking thier necks, and banks, to dress in the flyest Tommy Hilfiger gear!!! Now, we all know that trends and fads repeat themselves and, thanks to the help of Young Dro, Polo by Ralph Lauren is now becoming the new "IT" fashion must have for men this season!!!

Young Dro has been rocking Polo from head to toe ever since he hit the scene. The warm and pastel colors on his smooth dark skin made for a great entrance into the music scene and, to me, Dro is "The Polo King"!!! Now, a couple years later, everyone else is catching on to the Polo phenomenon. Don't get let in the dark. I know my folks in the mid-west are still rocking Ed Hardy, Evisu, and Gucci. I think it's my duty to inform the men of the country when it's time to Swap out your Swag and "SWAG UP" to the latest fashion trends this season.

And yall know once a style is made into a cake, IT's CERTIFIED!!!

Check out some of these hot deals, and head over to for more information.

Double Take= Is that Khia Looking Fabulous?!?!?

Last night, I was online.... on myspace...... bored............... and looking for some inspiration so I can take some new photographs. Who else's page should I look at then Derek Blanks?!?!? I took photos earlier this year and one of them was inspired by a photo he took of Eva Pigford that was breath-taking. So, I decided to look through his myspace album and lookey at what I found!!!!!!

I am throughly convinced that this man is a photographic genius!!!! Khia looks amazing. Derek Blanks finds a way to bring the inner beauty out of any person and make that image reflect on paper. These may be old but, hey, they are new to me!!! Enjoy.......... I wonder if she sent a copy of these to Lil Wayne....................

Monica & Brandy Reunite @ V-103 Soul Sessions

Brandy performed at the V-103 Soul Session in Atlanta and brought out Monica for a surprise performance of "The Boy Is Mine". This is the first time the two performed the song in 10 years and the 2nd time they've performed it in history!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Eye Candy

No words are even needed for this caramel goodie!!! WHEW!!!! If only one could be inside my head at this moment- Jenna Jameson would be ASHAMED!!!! hahaha

The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession- Part II

Part II of The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession is a follow-up to Part I. No pedicure is complete without a fresh manicure. Manicures aren't always the best do-it-yourself ideas, though. I usually can't get my nails filed just right and all even. So, what's the recession fix to the perfect manicure- SPA SCHOOLS!!!!

When you go into a nail salon, do you know if the person just graduated cosmetology school or if they are a seasoned nail tech? Most of us don't. We sign our name, wait to be called next, and put the care of our hands into the person across the table from us. The thing I like about spa/ cosmetology schools is that the students are working to perfect their craft so they will pay much closer attention that a seasoned tech that has become relaxed in their technique. I also believe the spa schools are much more sanitary than regular nail salons. Most manicures at spa schools are between $5-$15, depending on the service you select and the area you live in.

I know some of us are still rocking the acrylic nails. Personally, I love my natural nails so I think the recession is also the perfect excuse to rid the acrylics and go au naturale!!!! If you can ditch the acrylics, the spa schools also offer this sevice at a fraction of the cost of the regular nail salon!!!!! While there, check out their other spa services and treat yourself to a nice facial or body scrub!!!!!!

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, CLICK HERE to view the services at my favorite local spa school. If you're in Columbus, Ohio CLICK HERE. If you live outside of these areas, just use google to find your local spa school.

The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession- Part I

Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog for the past couple weeks. The end of the years is always a difficult time for me because I spend it reflecting on the past 11 months and looking forward to the possibilities of the next year. And, if you had any idea how eventful my life always is, you would understand just how time consuming that can be!!!! LOL!!!!

What I will be doing from now until the end of the year is putting together "The Urban Girl's Fly Guide to Surviving the Recession". Right now, ladies, we have to be extremely cautious with our spending habits. Some of our luxuries have to be set aside because it's definitely NOT FLY to be cute and broke! So, what I will do is compile some inexpensive ways to stay fly and fabulous while not breaking the bank!!!!

First up- Helping your feet survive the recession!!!! Most grown women get pedicures throughout the entire year. During this recession, ladies may find it easier to skip the pedi during the cold winter months when our tootsies are usually covered up. What we CAN'T do is just let our feet go completely!!!!

My BFF texted me early last week and said "Girl you have to get the Ped Egg". Now, I have always seen this item on info-mercials and in the stores but I never thought it worked. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Last night, I stopped in my local CVS and invested $10 into this Ped-Egg. Right now, I feel like I am walking on air!!! This is the best $10 I have spent in a loooonnnngggg time :-)

I also used the Oil of Olay Thermal Pedicure, which I purchased on clearance at K-Mart for $2.99 a month ago so my feet feel better than any pedicure I have ever paid for. The thermal Pedicure has little beads in it so, when you rub it on your feet under water, it heats up and feels amazing!!! My new nighttime ritual is use my ped-egg, soak my feet in warm water while scrubbing them gently with the Thermal Pedicure, rub them down with my Sesame Oil, and then put on my thick booties!!!

The best holiday gift ideas don't always have to cost alot of money. Not only will the Ped-Egg be a great investment for yourself, but also consider giving it as a gift to a friend or family member. Purchase an inexpensive basket from your local Jo-Ann Fabric''s or Michaels. Go to Target or Dollar Tree and buy some nail files, nail clippers, thick booties/socks, and french manicure colored nail polish (the E.L.F. manicure set shown above is $3.00 a Target). Also purchase a cute glass jar or bottle. Right now, the Kroger in my area has their Sesame After Shower Oil on sale for under $3.00. Purchase the oil and then transfer it into the bottle you purchased form Dollar Tree. In the basket include the Ped-Egg, the Oil of Olay Thermal Pedicure, the Sesame Oil Bottle, and the nail care items. Dollar Tree also has the plastic wrap so you can wrap your basket. Take a blow dryer and blow dry the plastic to give it the smooth, store brought look.

All together you may spend $25- which is about the same cost as a pedicure and these items will last alot longer!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you are going to be in Atlanta this Saturday, December 13th, come hang out with me at Luckie Lounge!!! I have a holiday party to go to early but I will be ending my night off at the sexiest club in Atlanta with the rest of the grown folks!!!!

If you would like to get on my guest list, email me your first and last name and the name of a your guest(s) to by 12/13 at 2pm!!!! See you Saturday!!!

Usher Welcomes 2nd Son!!!!!!

We here at StyleRazzi would like to take this time to say CONGRATS to Usher & Tameka Raymond.

According to Necole Bitchie, Usher & Tameka welcomed their 2nd child on December 10th. The new boy was born early in the morning around 3am- (missing being born on my birthday)!!! No other details have been released as of yet but we would like to say CONGRATS to the couple and their respective families!!

For all of my Trina stans, Miami's Diamond Princess is covering the collector's issue of "The Feature Magazine". This is one of the BEST cover I have seen of Trina- real talk. Her hair looks very nice and non-helmet-ish!!!!!!
Check out their website for even more exclusive content coming straight from the M-I-Ya-Yo!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christina Aguilera "Hurt" live

If yall have been following my twitter, the yall know my hormones and emotions are all over the place!!!! This is one of my favorite songs of all time but I can never get all the way through it without shedding a tear. It touches home.....

Enjoy and make sure during the holidays and everyday, you let those around you know that you love them. Holidays and birthdays are very difficult for me. There are those of us who have only one gift they would ask for if they knew that wish would come true. ....

Throwback: Beyonce Interviews Aaliyah + My Favorite Aaliyah Performance

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fantasia's Home in Forclosure? The Recession is REAL!!!

Via According to property records, the 6-bedroom mansion has been foreclosed on. Unless the 8-time Grammy-nominated singer can make necessary payments, the 6,232 square-foot home will be auctioned off on Jan. 12.

Barrino, a single mother to daughter Zion, purchased the home, located on Bevington Place, in March 2007. The price was $1.3 million.

That is sooo sad. I guess performers and entertainers need to re-evaluate their purchases and make sure they can afford these mansions!!! Forget a mansion, give me a nice home under $500k with some gates and I'M GOOD!!! LOL

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Look who was spotted courtside sitting right next to each other?!?!? None other than Bow Wow and Lil Wayne. Now, this may not seem like real news to anyone. 2 rappers courtside at the Heat vs. Bobcats game but, if you follow my twitter, then you know why this photo is worth a thousand words!!!! I, for one, was left speechless!!! LOL!!! "Someone" knew that the sidelines of this game were going to be newsworthy, and she was right!!!! :-)

Houston- We Have a Problem

Shoutout to the homie JM out in Cali for sending this over. Yall remember the rapper Houston? The one that gauged his eye out? Anyway, he was spotted out and about in Los Angeles recently. As you can see, homie does NOT like to wear a patch and cover up his eye. A little birdie told me that it looks even worse in person and that Houston STILL tries to spit his game to the women with his eye- or lack there of- exposed. YUCK!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Melyssa Ford Squirts- Is That Something Men Really Like?

So, I got the link to this VladTV video from when Melyssa Fod was on Shade 45 talking about "squirting"! For those that don't know what that is, it's basically when a women "squirts" while she is having an orgasm.

I talked to one of my guy friends about this during the Thanksgiving holiday and he said he likes it but not all the time. He informed me that some women squirt so much, the bed gets wet like they pee'd in the bed- WTF?!?!?! I also have a female friend that I discussed "squirting" with a few months back. I realized, by speaking with her, that some squirters teach themselves how to do it and, for others, it just comes naturally.

I just wonder, "Hmmm is this something that guys REALLY like?". This sounds like a question for Blogxilla!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Music: Lola ft. Rick Ross & Haitian Fresh "International Boss"

Lola better known as Angel Lola Luv is definitely doing her rap thing!!!! Check out her new promo pics and the newest track "International Boss" featuring Rick Ross and Haitian Fresh. Her flow is hot. I can't deny that. My girl says "I am international, you are only internet, this is why I laugh at you"!!!!! Can't even hate on that one.

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