Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will & His Wife!!!

Day 26 member Will and his wife were spotted out and about in Chicago a few weeks back. I remember hearing the rumors about him being married but I personally never saw any photos of the Mrs. Looks like she and Foxy Brown have the same "wet n wavy" hair stylist. For some reason, Mrs. Will still thinks it's ok to line her lips with black eye liner like we used to do back in 1999?!?!?! No ma'am. And she also gets a NO MA'AM for those brown contacts !!! I really wish we could retire color contacts for the new year!!!! Other than that, she's a cute girl.

Make-up tip ladies- never line your top and bottom eye with black liner. It makes you look old and makes the bags under your eyes more visible. It's always good to line under your eye with white liner to brighten the eyes and make them POP!!!

6 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Kisha said...

I didn't know that about white liner Thank You.

Pinkie said...

Haaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,, too funny... I knew you would think that was funny... I said look at this mess and I am sending this right over to Razzi.. too funny!!!!

atl2stl said...


virgovixxen said...

I thought the same exact thing when I saw her---why is she doing the black eye liner---contacts- she could possibly get away with the weave

Miesha, Entertainment Lush said...

1st time on your blog but i heard lots about it. ANYWAY...will IS married i know right! but he's really hush hush about it- i guess the JayZ syndrome is sweeping the Black Nation...WHATEVA!

but i agree she is cute but the contacts get me. hate when black girls do that...ugh!

and the white liner is a good tip. i will try it cuz ya girl here knows NADA abt make-up mane. thanks chicka. ;)

Razzi said...

@miesha... thansk for the visit. i guess hush about your mate is the new "it" thing!!! Will needs to stop. he may get respected more if he was honest about it.

I guess I should do a make-up post before the end of the week. I play with make-up all the time and read about it.

LADIES... go easy on the white liner. it should almost be invisible on the lower eye. Put it on before you put on your mascara

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