Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Real Housewives Recap

So, last night on the Real Housewives Reunion, it was officially going DOWN!!!!! From the beginning to the end, the show was filled with DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!! Now, if you were following my TWITTER last night, then you already know I was glued in and wide open at every single moment!!!!! CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter and you can read through last night's tweets. I also tweet'd during Keyshia Cole and Brutha!!!

Anyway, I have STAN'd for Kim all season long and last night was no different. Everyone wanted to gang up on her and, honestly, I wasn't surprised. I went to a majority black middle school and my BFF was white. Everyone would always gang up on the white girl thinking she would say anything back!!! Well, then and now, folks were proven wrong. Kim was getting right back with NeNe!!!! She even told NeNe "Back your ass up" and called her a "Bitch"!!!! Now, I was a little mad at Kim and her "fake cancer" but that is still my favorite housewife!!! I do hope Kim gets a better hair-piece..................

Deshawn's non-existent ass isn't even worth more than a couple sentences. Her part of the show and reunion was boring, bland, and I hope she opts out for next season. She is a NBA wife with guaranteed money and it's obvious she thinks she is better than all the other girls.

Next up, Sheree. She was pretty quiet last night. I think her true personality showed last night more than any of the other shows. Her sweater dress was fab, make-up was flawless, and she kept it real grown-woman through the entire evening.

Nene. What can we say about Nene. She came ready to snatch a hoe outta her Dior pumps last night!!!! I wish she wouldn't have seemed to have such a chip onher shoulder. Her demeanor was real uncomfortable last night. I really hope she and Kim squash their beef and reconcile their friendship. At least for the sake of Brielle, Kim's daughter. Kim and Nene seemed like the perfect friends during the beginning of the show. They balance each other out and it's sad if this show has taken that from them.
I think Kim lost out the most. She lost Big Poppa, she lost a friend, and her reputation was a little smeared. She is my favorite so I felt bad for her. You can tell she is really hurting from the break-up of her friendship with Nene.

Now Lisa!!! Lisa, throughout the show, was portrayed as the "sweet, hard working hustler". In the course of an hour last night, Lisa went from someone who's hustle and personality I admired to my LEAST FAVORITE housewife. I dislike her more than Sheree. Bravo did one hell of a job editing Lisa to be the nice one when she is obviously the main BITCH!!!!!!! I even said last night on my twitter that Lisa tries so hard to be an "alpha Female" when she is really just a "BETA-BITCH"!!! She was so up Nene's ass it wasn't even funny. She knows she is the one that went back and told about Nene singing about Kim in the car. That bish is 2-faced and Nene needs to watch her back if her and Lisa really are now friends.

Dwight Eubanks is just too much for words. I can't wait for him to get his own show. His yaki mane was HELLA FIRE last night. That DIVO is beyond fabulous and puts any and every other gay husband to shame!!!!!

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speed said...

Ok; so I love Kim she is my favorite and I think that Ne Ne knew she could gang up on her and she really wasnt going to go there with her; but as you can see she backed down from Sheree and Sheree is obviously way more mature than her. I cant stand Ne NE im just happy she decided to wear a bra last night. Lisa, was like an ADD child could not sit still all damn interview something is freaking wrong with her crazy ass. for real!

Kisha said...

No more to say! You was right on the money. I can't wait until season 2. I think I'm going to start watching Orange Country Wives this season.

Kisha said...

I'm on TWITTER now! YES

Anonymous said...

OMG Lisa is a fake ass b*TCH! you took the words out my mouth! I dont want deshawn to come back, she acts like shes better than everyone with that horrible ass weave she had on lastnight looked like a hat! I hopoe kim get better weave too!
I heard that sheree is not getting a 7 figure deal according to the legal asst that works at her lawyers firm so she can hang that one UP!

Kitten said...

I wouldn't say I don't like Kim but her "character" is suspect. They kept referencing back to the beginning of the season where she said that she would always have NeNe's back no matter what...NeNe brought up a valid point...why didn't she come to her and ask her about the song? A lot of people think that NeNe was foul for singing the song but if your friends can't be real with you who can? NeNe was keeping it real. However the context in which she was keeping it real made the situation bad. Lisa always showed a little fiestiness in her but they decided to show "Lisa"....Sheree is a two faced individual...yeah she may have been acting lady like but her mouth and attitude will ALWAYS indicate otherwise. DeShawn needs to go somewhere with that "getting her masters in Divinity", chile please....

MsPuff said...

Well in my opinion, Nene kept it REAL although her & Sheree seems to have some kind of dirt on each other that's why they haven't been dissing each other full blast...Sheree is very openly concieted and 2faced, she talks about Nene being miserable & has no fashion sense, she seems very miserable that's why she has to remind herself of how fabulous & classy she is, & that's exactly why her collection was a flop (she's too full of herself)!

Lisa was the little birdy, but i commend her for admitting to Nene what she said and if you payed attention Kim said "Lisa told her verbatim"...that was untrue, Kim was with Sheree and Lisa told Sheree, Sheree had Lisa on speaker phone and that's how Kim heard that...however Kim shouldn't be a follower, she shoul've used her own judgement about Nene, Kim knows Nene is a clown and Kim just really wanted to be down with Sheree b/c she admires her confidence...that's the T.

Lisa is cute and she seems to have it going on on the show, but there's just something i can't put my finger on with her. When she wolfed up @ Kim, Kim kept it cute!

And for Deshawn, I don't like her fat winey a**, all she does is brag about Eric's $...she needs a personal trainer, not an assistant, she has nothing going on!

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