Sunday, November 2, 2008

M.I.A. Pregnant

I know I'm super late!!!! Sri Lankan/ British rapper M.I.A. is pregnant by fiance Benjamin Brewer. The news is almost a month old but it was BRAND NEW to me when I heard it late last week. No word on if it's a boy or girl. I love her music and her style. CLICK HERE to listen to M.I.A.'s "Boyz" remix ft. Jay-Z

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CathrynMarie said...

Excuse the random personal message, as I did not see an email address listed any where and although I follow you on twitter, I can't send DMs, as you're not following back.

A comment was made the other night about planning a reunion & I just wanted to suggest trying out I had my 10 yr a couple of months ago & they were very helpful. Name tags w/ yr book pics, smaller yr books with updated info of ppl who submitted it, the DJ was included for the 3 course meal they put together, etc. Hope that helps you some. They helped contact & find people as well.


Razzi said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!!! girl this stuff is hard work and we haven't even gotten feep into the planning yet!!! LOL!!! I'll have to request to follow you on twitter so you can DM me!!!

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