Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing: StyleRazzi Gossip on the GO!!!

Introducing StyleRazzi Gossip on the Go!!! Sign up today to start receiving exclusive text alerts with late breaking celebrity news and gossip.

We all live life on the go. What better way to stay connected to the gossip world when you aren't near a computer than to get the texts sent directly to your phone!! The service will be fully functional starting next week so sign up today and you can be in the know and ahead of the game!!!

Simply enter your telephone number in the "Gossip on the GO" service on the sidebar (similar to the image above). You will receive a text with easy instructions on how to activate the service!!

5 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Kisha said...

I'm so in love with this idea. You know I hit my 10 digit number (including the area code) fast. Happy Friday!

atl2stl said...

its to early...saw your post on twitter n said..yeah i'm on that. at work this morn steady clickin' tha damn pic b4 i decided to read!!!


Happy Friday

Kisha said...

hahahahaha @ atl2stl me too..I was like okay Kisha read this again and slow the hell down because this is not working. TOO FUNNY.

WOW, amazing Proof of God on my blog said...

look at chu' getting all high tech on a b*tch! Too bad I live in japan and I dont have a 7 digit cell phone #

Inside the Exterior said...

lol!!! i'm still learning how to work it so, by midweek, yall should start to get texts!!!! shout out to the reader in japan!!!

yall are funny!!!!! i'm sure i would've tried to click that picture too. when i tried to put it in the post, it kept getting denied so i had to post the photo

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