Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ed Hartwell Had To "Lay Down The Law" on Keith Sweat?

Ed Hartwell, Lisa Wu-Hartwell's husband, recently sat down with ad spoke about his relationship with Lisa, her 2 sons, and life with Bravo cameras in their business. Here is a small snippet. Te read the entire interview, head over to Essence.

ESSENCE.COM: Well, let's end it here. How is your relationship with Lisa's sons, Justin and Jordan?

HARTWELL: Me and my sons have a great relationship. I tell everyone I have three sons. They call me dad; I never say my stepkids, they are my sons. Every kid is different but they are both wonderful children. My eldest son is about to turn 14 and I have conversations with him that I can't have with Justin. Jordan wants to train, so now we're both training.

ESSENCE.COM; That's great that you're involved in their lives. Do you have a good relationship with their father, Keith Sweat?

HARTWELL: Not at all. The reason is because [when I started dating] Lisa there was a lot that I had to stop from happening. I had to lay down the law, man to man. Have I tried to work out some things and put our differences to the side for the sake of the kids? Absolutely. I don't like to play games.

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Anonymous said...

OH NO HE DIDNT! Ed hartwell is a mess, keith sweat left lisas ass because she was violent, rude, ghetto and crazy as hell! Ed hartwell married lisa in a matter of months so that goes to show that 2 miserable people got together just because no one else wanted their asses. ed hartwell is broke as hell and lisa aint no damn screen writer. she kept part of her last names so thats how devoted she is to her husband??? They going to be broke up in a matter of years, watch

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