Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Columbus Ohio Hip-Hop Royalty Rally!!!

I've heard from many of my folks in Columbus that the rally last night was absolutely amazing!!! Mary J, Diddy, Kevin Liles, Jay-Z and the big surprise of the night BEYONCE were in the capital city for the last ditch effort to get out the vote for Obama in the key battleground state.

The homie from Pink Diamond PR was in the building and had wonderful seats right in the front so she got amazing photos of all the celebs in attendance!!!

I am LOVIN her shirt.... and handbag.... and scarf..... This chick really "put on" for Obama and she looks fabulous!!!

The homie Trent Crews was in the building... lookin just like a mini T.I.

Be on the lookout for Trent. He has an amazing voice and also models. Aside from all of that, he has the best personality in the world, which means so much more than anything else!!

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