Saturday, November 1, 2008

Black Hollywood Out & About in LoScandolous

Allen Iverson and Kenyon Martin were kicking it in LA at Club LAX Thursday night for the Glow Thursdays costume party. (a birdie tells me they were hollering at rats the whole night. Didn't A.I. JUST have another baby?!?!? Hmmm.......)

Myspace buddy and LA Promoter Marcus poses with Kenyon. I think Marcus may be the only one with prettier hair than Chance/Real (I still keep getting them confused). Allen Iverson was obviously acting camera shy. That man LOVES himself a plain white tee.....

Wonder where Kenyon's new shadow Trina was at?!?!?

Elsewhere in LaLa land, celebs kicked it at Ritual for their costume party. Above is Jennifer Freeman and the oh so fine Jackie Long. What ever happened to Jennifer being engaged to Marques Houston?

Jill Marie Jones was also there. Can't tell if she is in costume or not.........

Reagan and her husband stopped by. i think it is so cute when married folks can go to the club together. They are adorable. Shoutout to AllTheParties for reminding me that there are some black folks and black clubs in Hollywood!!!

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