Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Dirty Awards

The Radio One 2008 Dirty Awards went down last night in the ATL!!! As you can see, Monica showed up and showed out, as usual. Love the hair even more than the 1st time we saw it.

I hope we can retire these stupid chains in 2009!!!

Shawty Lo hit the red carpet before going inside of the awards and acting "Foolish"!! According to some of the folks I follow on Twitter (thanks to the heads up from ATLien), Shawty Lo hit the stage and started rapping about T.I.!!! I don't know what exactly went down but talk of folks getting hit up side the head with bottles and PSC's Kuntry King getting wrestled by police is the report I was getting from the live twits!!! Everyone seemed to all agree that Shawty Lo instigated the entire ordeal. I guess the crowd got maced and the Dirty Awards models were seen backstage trying to get the mace out of their eyes!!!

2 thumbs up to Shawty Lo for getting his name back in the news, by any means necessary. Still riding T.I.'s coattails I see. I hope while he was starting ish at the awards, his staff was in Bankhead getting turkeys and food together to pass out fot the holidays. Funny how when we hear Shawty Lo it's drama but when we hear T.I., it's usually something positive or business related. Someone OBVIOUSLY needs more positive people!

Here are a couple more flicks from the red carpet. Stay tuned as more news, gossip, and video from the show start to surface as the A.M. rolls around!!! For now, Sandra Rose has the first report as to what went down

photos: Jessica McGowan/ Access Atlanta

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