Saturday, October 18, 2008

T-Pain Replaces Katt Williams as BET HHA Host?

So, the BET Hip-Hop Awards was supposed to be hosted by Katt Williams but, according to online sources and photos from inside the awards, T-Pain was called in at the last minute to perform hosting duties. Why the last minute change? Well, according to the folks over at HipHopDX,
"the host change may have come from a disagreement. Katt Williams was reportedly salaried over $50,000 for the hosting role, with scripted writers. Specific motives were not provided from the sources, but it was implied that Williams is disgruntled."

BET's official HHA blog is reporting that Katt Williams lost a bet and this is why T-Pain is hosting. Read on:

's blog includes a statement from Stephen Hill claiming that this decision stemmed from a contest. "So we were all hanging out last night and Katt bets T-Pain he couldn’t beat him in a break dance battle. Not knowing T-Pain was an extremely DOPE break dancer, Katt thought it was an easy win. T-Pain said if I win, I get to host the Hip Hop Awards.”

Katt Williams was quoted as saying “You can’t win a break dancing contest and use a Vocoder"............. I guess he was wrong!!!!!

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