Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah, Is That You?

So, the net has been going nuts about Lil Wayne's new baby momma. My source revealed to me that Sarah B---ew was spotted in Columbus, Ohio with Lil Wayne back in December of 2007 and again in Dayton earlier this year. Though a clear photo of her can't be found, I was able to locate the above photo and the below video.

We all know Lil Wayne likes to take his chick to his shows. As you can see, Sarah is chillin on stage in her black and white plaid jacket while Weezy performs!!!! Sources confirm that she deleted her myspace and changed her phone number not too long before the birth of her son, Dwayne Carter III. She supposedly attended Tri-County Beauty School and is a nail tech. This is the second child for Sarah B. She allegedly has a duaghter from a prior relationship.

Sarah also has "Mrs. Carter" tattoo'd on her chest and "Lil Weezy" tattoo'd on her thigh. From what folks in Cincinnati are saying, Lil Wayne would always send for her to come visit him on the weekends, while she was attending Tri-County Beauty College.

I'll keep yall posted as the info develops. All I can say is Cincinnati is going NUTS and it won't be too long before someone releases her photo!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe she with Lil Wayne Looking like that. He know he just wanted a broke ho. She basically just came up off him. Just turned 21 already got a baby. So you know she broke. She's a groupie dating Bengals players and stuff I don't understand why she's still walking around looking like a bum. I would've been like take me shoppin first. He should be embarrassed to have someone in his camp looking like that let alone it being his baby's mother.

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