Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Real Housewives of Bowen Homes Atlanta"- Lisa Wu and Keith Sweat's Offspring

I know I just said I was sick of hearing about The Real Housewives of Atlanta............. but I never said I was sick of MESS!!!! LOL!!! Anywho, blog buddy Sandra Rose has an exclusive post regarding that deal between Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband Keith Sweat. To read the post in it's entirety, CLICK HERE.

In the post, and in other interviews, it has been staated that Keith and Lisa's children, Justin and Jordan, won't appear in the show because Keith Sweat wouldn't sign the waiver. I guess Keith couldn't prevent the photos of their children from hitting the net on Essence's website. Shoutout to Keith Sweat on having full custody of both of his children!!!! Always good to see single daddy's doing the damn thing. For nosey folks like myself, here are the photos of their children with Lisa, her new hubby, and the new edition to their family. Don't blame me- BLAME ESSENCE!!!

FYI: Lisa is my favorite character on the show. Actually, Lisa and Kim are my favorites. All of the cast member's lives seem a bit fabricated to me but what on TV isn't fabricated?!?!?! Sheree and NeNe are running neck and neck as my least favorites. They just seem more suitable for "The Real Housewives of Bowen Homes". Tiny has more class than both of them................ and that's saying a whole lot!!!!!

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Sandra Rose said...

There are more pics on Lisa's Myspace page in her gallery. Keith asked me not to post pics of his children in my post because his kids and their friends surf the net. So I honored his request. Keith's daughters (18 and 20) also live at home with him. He's a great example of a black father handling his responsibilities.

Razzi said...

Sandra, now you have me feeling bad that I posted the photos. He is a great father. I've met Keith Sweat many times in the past and he is one of the kindest most down to earth celebs. I've always been a fan of his as a celeb but not i'm a fan of him as just being a strong black man

Anonymous said...

Why does he have full custody?

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