Friday, October 31, 2008

Miss Shyneka & Boyfriend Wrongfully Accused of Stealing

Via Night jock Mizz Shyneka (real name: Shyneka Richardson) at Hot 107.9 is peeved by security at a Douglas County mall that detained her and her boyfriend, accusing him of stealing a shirt.

Here’s [an account from WSB-TV.]:

Richardson, who is considering filing suit, said she and her boyfriend, David Smith, were held for hours by security officers at Arbor Place Mall after Smith was accused of stealing a shirt.

Her boyfriend David Smith said he purchased a couple of Polo shirts, but security accused him of stealing the shirt he was wearing. They feel he was targeted because he’s young and black.

Arbor Place Mall declined to comment to WSB-TV.

On her radio station page,, she dubs herself the ‘queen of controversy.” She had been the afternoon jock with E4Real until recent cutbacks forced her into nights (with Emperor Searcy back in afternoons.)

I left a message with her at work and her MySpace page awaiting a response.

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