Friday, October 24, 2008

Lyfe Threatened To Kill Joy Bounds & Her Male Friend

Via AJC: Smyrna R&B singer Lyfe Jennings, arrested earlier this week on gun charges, trashed most of his estranged girlfriend’s clothes and shoes, turned her electricity off and threatened to kill her, the woman has alleged in court documents.

Joy Bounds also claimed that the singer threatened to kill her male friend and to report a car she was driving was stolen, the woman wrote in a petition for a temporary restraining order.

Bounds is the 32-year-old mother of two of Jennings’ children. A Fulton County Superior Court judge granted her request Wednesday after reviewing the allegations.

Jennings, an award-winning singer whose real name is Chester Jennings, also is accused of threatening Bounds with calls and text messages, and of having changed the locks on the woman while she was out of town.

Bounds and Jennings could not be reached by telephone Friday.

Under terms of the court order, Jennings is prohibited from having any contact with or coming within 200 yards of Bounds or the children, who are ages 3 years and 22 months (Phoenix & Elijah).

Jennings, 35, also was ordered to pay $5,000 a month in child support and to give Bounds several pieces of furniture, drapes, a TV and other electronic devices, according to the court documents.

Both parties are scheduled to appear Nov. 6 before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Karen Woodson to determine if the restrictions should remain.

Bounds wrote in the petition for the restraining order that “90 percent of my clothes, shoes, panties, socks, jackets, etc.” were cut up, bleached and thrown in the woods and a lake on Sunday.

The woman alleged two other incidents, in July: that Jennings put all her belongings in boxes in the garage and changed the locks, and that he attempted to report the car she was driving was stolen.

“He has told me that if he can’t have me, nobody can,” Bounds alleged.

Jennings was arrested Sunday night after kicking in the door of a home on Springwoods Drive in Smyrna while looking for Bounds, according to an arrest warrant.

This is just so awful. What is going on with this serious amount of domestic violence??!?!? Lyfe crashed his red Corvette and reportedly was going to report Joy's matching black Corvette stolen?!? Joy had filed for child support in mid-July, which is when it looks like all of these events began. I hope this situation stays civil and remains in the hands of the court. Good luck to both of them and their children.

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