Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lil Wayne's Promise Ring?

Lil Wayne was spotted performing at the Voodoo Fest in NOLA over the weekend. I couldn't help but notice Weezy's promise ring on his ring finger. It was alleged last week that Nivea proposed to Lil Wayne. So is that the ring she gave him? I know my nosey @ss went to Nivea's myspace page and I thought it was funny how, when the BET Awards taped, she had his full schedule listed on her calendar. But, now that Dwayne Carter III has entered the world, his schedule has been taken off of his page!!!!

I guess it's a slap in the face. Not only did he have a child by a woman none of us had really even heard about until the birth of the baby but then he has the nerve to name the child after him?!?! Though it has been rumored he requested a DNA test, he must've been pretty confident in the paternity of the child to give him his name. That would be enough to make any main chick mad, don't you think!!!! I'm sure Nivea, Superhead, and/or Trina thought they would be the first to give birth to Dwayne Carter III..............

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