Monday, October 27, 2008

Jennifer Hudson- "Remained Strong For Her Family"

Via Chicago Tribune: An autopsy was scheduled to be done on the body of 7-year-old Julian King Tuesday at the Cook County medical examiner's office, where Hudson and other relatives went to help identify the remains this afternoon.

A law enforcement source told the Tribune that the boy had been shot multiple times in the back of the white Chevrolet Suburban. The vehicle had been the subject of an intense search and Amber Alert issued on Friday after Hudson's mother and brother were found shot and killed inside the family's South Side home.

Chicago police brought Julian's body to the medical examiner's office shortly after noon today and Hudson and other family members arrived about three hours later, said office spokesman Sean Howard.

When the group entered a viewing room at the office Hudson held her head down, as if praying, he said. The family then identified Julian via a video screen mounted on a wall that showed his face. The family chose the video screen option rather than looking directly at the body, Howard said.

Howard said the family was "obviously distraught," but he said Hudson "remained strong for her family. It was very clear she was the leader.

"She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment."

When they saw the boy's face on the screen, Hudson told investigators, "Yes, that is him," Howard said.

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Kitten said...

At least she can be a pillar of strength when there has been a terrible tradegy that has weakened her family. I will keep them in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

damn, it takes a lot to make me cry when strangers die but i am streaming tears right now...
RIP lil Julian. such a short life

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