Friday, October 31, 2008

Hudson-King Memorial Scheduled for Monday

Via WBBM780: The Hudson Funeral Home says there will be a private service Monday morning at 9 o'clock for all three members of Jennifer Hudson's family who were murdered - her mother, her brother and her 7 year old nephew.

The service will be at Apostolic Church of God at 63rd and Dorchester.The funeral home says the service is private, for family and for those invited.An announcement is expected later today or tomorrow about whether there will be a public service and when.

The funeral home also announced that the Hudson-King Domestic Violence Protection Fund has been set up at Seaway Bank.

The Hudson family is asking the donations be made to that domestic violence protection fund in lieu of flowers.

Hudson-King Domestic Violence Protection Fund
Seaway Bank and Trust, P.O. Box 19522,
Chicago, IL 60619

Rest in Peace to those 3 slain victims and keep Jennifer and her family in your hearts and prayers.

The newly formed "Hudson-King Domestic Violence Protection Fund" and foundation that the family has set-up after this incident makes me believe even more that they may have some sort of knowledge that William Balfour is responsible for this tragic event. I'm happy a fund was set up but, had William not been involved in any way, shape or form, don't you think a fund would've been set-up for family members of slain loved ones or missing children or something of that nature? It looks more and more to me like they are just trying to wait and make sure they have all evidence needed to charge Balfour so he doesn't slip through any loopholes in the law for the investigation not being throughly performed

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