Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here We Go Again, Megan!!!!

So, Megan was spotted out last week with her same YSL Pumps and some black latex leggins. I'm over her wearing those shoes but now, Megan has found a new pair of pants.

She was spotted wearing her same black latex leggins the other night at the Saw V premiere. Megan needs to become a spokesmodel for Forever21 because this is where she obviously shops at. It's a recession so I don't even blame her. It's still no excuse for constantly wearing the same ish over and over.

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Kisha said...

Right, what is going on with Megan. Why would she wear that to her Movie premiere?
I still think she's a pretty lady but DAMN Forever 21 has some better pieces to wear.

Pinkie said...

LOL!!!! You are crazy....

GOALdigger said...

hey, it not like she's beyonce or something she ain't rolling in dough. She that stuff cause like $700 a pop.

it's not cute but I give her a pass.

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