Monday, October 13, 2008

Follow Me on Twitter........and Other ISh

So I just signed up for everyone's new favorite crack- "Twitter".

My life has been kind of boring for the most part lately but that doesn't mean it hasn't been any less dramatic and full of wack excitement. Like me thinking I was being stalked......... (again).... Reconnecting with an old friend (that still manages to put the same smile on my face as he did the first day we met), realizing that some people take kindness for weakness and the only way to get them to wake the fuck up is by contacting the CSE (for my ladies with kids, you know what that is), being so frustrated and stressed out that I went and got my haircut,...... blah blah blah.

The same ol shit, just a different day. Anyway, follow my updates on life via twitter. It's BET Awards week here in Atlanta so things will probably get a little exciting towards the end of the week- I hope.

I'm also going to start trying to personal blogging on here a bit more. Got some shit I need to talk about and get off my chest. Probably beginning with Beyonce's new song "Like A Boy" and realizing that I had more male tendencies than the emotional ass tendencies most women have. Like when she says how she wishes women could turn their phone off and then just say it's broken like men usually do. I can't name how man times I have "lost, broken, misplaced" my phone. Or the days I have said it's "in the car charging" just because I didn't feel like answering the millionth text in an hour that some folks decide they wanted to send me!!! WTF?!?!?! What do men think a woman would find attractive about a needy ass man?

My biggest pet peeve is when a man asks the "When Can I See You?" question (by phone or text)? It's not bad to be wanted but men, when you find yourself ALWAYS asking a woman this question and she NEVER asks to see you (for anything other than something that involves food or money), that shoud be a clear indication that she just may not be that into you!!!!

It will be things like this that I will try to include in my posts. Not too much because, as you can see, I rant and rave and go off into tangents!! Trust me, it will all be things that you can relate to!!!! TTYL

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

virgovixxen said...

I have tired to get my twitter going for a minute- can never get it right--whats the country code for the US-----
either way good to see ya back Razzi--I was worried about you for a minute---and I know how it feels to have someone put a smile on ya face---uh ah ahahuha but thats neither hear nor there----MISSED YA CHICK

Razzi said...

thanks girl!!!! as far as twitter, you just do +1 and then your number. like +14045551212 . mine started working immediately through my cell phone. hope you get it to work so i can follow you!!

virgovixxen said...

I am already on---got it working, finally---
Im following you--have a good work out!!

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