Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fact or Fiction- Katt Williams Busted By The Feds?

We all know now that T-Pain is hosting the BET HHA. As I posted earlier, it was being reported that Katt Williams either canceled because of not being satisfied with the money or because he lost a breakdancing bet with T-Pain.

We all know that BET is quick to make up ish!!!! So why am I not surprised when I receive a text from a source telling me that Katt Williams isn't hosting because he got busted by the feds!!!! WTF?!!?!? It can't be possible that 2 years in a row, the Feds have cause BET to have to revamp their show at the last minute. (We all know what happened last year with Mr. Harris)

Update: Natasha of's sources report to her that the rumors are FALSE and Katt Williams is chillin at his ATL home as we speak!!!! I'm sure we'll hear more about the whole incident very soon. BET's version is still a bit unbelieveable. WE DONT BELIEVE YOU STEPHEN HILL!!!! I need video confirmation or pictures of this breakdancing battle. Plus, I'm sure if Katt got busted, it would be all over the net!!!

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