Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beyonce, Jay-Z, and who was with Weezy @ Powerhouse?

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Beyonce semi-performed "Single Ladies" for the first time live last night at the Powerhouse Concert. Watch Jay-Z as he admires his wife's performance. He and Lil Wayne were supposed to perform "Mr Carter" together but, yet again, the performance didn't happen.

Head over to my twitter homie Miss Info's blog to get the scoop on the entire show, see and also to see who was spotted backstage with Weezy........ In the meantime, check out Lil Wayne's performance..... He's such a f*cking rockstar ... LMAO at the 5:30 minute mark and the 10:20 minute mark where Weezy channels James brown.......

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Nellz said...

ahhh thats nice j and b... weezy is something else too love all of their music!! one of the video did not play..smh but ill come back and see!! god bless! xoxo

Free porn site said...

beyonce thought the crowd was going to go wild for her ass but they didnt (crickets chirpin) LOL

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