Sunday, October 19, 2008

BET HHA Photo of the Day III: 50 & Kerry Washington

Looks like 50 has his eyes (and hands) set on Common's old piece!!!! Wonder if the camera cut to catch Ciara's reaction during this moment!!!! BE CAREFUL KERRY- 50 Cent ruins female careers!!!!!

FYI- I'm over the awards already!!! LOL!!! Here are a few things that I will end with:

  • Only 5 of the 15 BET HHA were handed out during the taping- and 4 of them went to Lil Wayne!!!!
  • The cast of "Notorious", specifically Jamal Wollard who plays Biggie, has to re-tape their segment due to Woolard saying "biological" instead of "biographical" when describing the film!!!!!
  • Plies hit the red carpet with a total of 685 karats in diamonds on!!!!!!!

  • Lil Wayne STILL keeps his styrofoam cups!!! Hope it's water and not "purple drank" in there!!!!!

  • Any beef rumors between Nelly and LL can be squashed!!!

  • Keyshia Cole is the only one that can rock a fingerwave!!!!
  • And, last but not least, WHERE WERE TERRANCE AND WACK-SI?!?!?!

6 Stylish Folk With Something To Say: said...

oh, no ma'am - Keyshia Cole looking mighty stupid in that fingerwave, and she got her shirt tied up in the front like a J-Setting QUEEN!

Kisha said...

Plies hit the red carpet with a total of 685 karats in diamonds on!!!!!!!
YOU KNOW WHAT.....I'M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. I can't wait to see the awards on Thursday. I know the A was off the hook this weekend. I went to TI & TPAIN concert here in DC.....It was off the chain, I'm surprise I made it to work on time.

Anonymous said...

Fantaisia did it 1st and they looked much better! Keyshia is not the 1st to rock finger waves.

GOALdigger said...

No. Keyshia is not the one to be wearing fingerwaves. Kerry Washington is like stop touching me. Ms. Washington don't do it. Don't do it girl you are to classy for that.

Anonymous said...

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