Monday, October 27, 2008

Benjamin Bixby Debuts at Neiman Marcus

Andre 3000's new clothing line "Benjamin Bixby" is making it's debut at Neiman Marcus stores. The line, created by the talented actor/rapper, is inspired by 1930's football attire. Andre say's the line is for the man that "gets dressed because he loves clothes."

I actually like the clean, tailored look of the line. I don't think I'm feeling the short pants but I think the other items can be paired nicely with some slacks or designer jeans. I think men are moving more into the "grown ass man" fashion and giving up plains tees and True Religions. Either that or I'm just so on my "grown woman" that my eye no longer glances at a man that doesn't "put on" when it comes to his fashion.

This look is my FAVORITE!!!!

1 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Tiffany Madison said...

I feel you! I am definitely on my "grown ass woman" and I want my man to look like a "grown ass man"!

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