Monday, October 13, 2008

50 Cent & Robert Green- "The 50th Law"

A book that every hustler, businessman, entreprenuer, etc.... needs to have in the front of their collection is Robert Greene's "The 48 Laws of Power". This book is a classic and, if you haven't read it, you're probably getting at least one of the 48 Laws used on you. To my delight and surprise, Robert Greene and 50 Cent have collaborated for a new book entitled "The 50th Law". The book is due out April 29, 2009. Here is what Robert Greene himself had to say about the new book (via

"It's kind of an urban version of The 48 Laws...I spent about a year following him around...His ideas and my ideas converged. As I looked at his life and watched him in action I sat down and we came up with these laws of hustling..."

"Each law, is kinda illustrated with stories like my other books. The stories are basically about him. His days as a hustler on the streets - dealing drugs mostly. Then there are stories about him in the music and business world. But he brings the same hustler mentality from when he was dealing drugs to how he now operates."

"I'm showing the connection of how this mentality is very appropriate to 21st Century America. It's a very powerful way of being. There is a lot to learn from that in a business sense, or a power sense or just a being sense."

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