Sunday, October 19, 2008

50 Cent & MTV Present: The Money and the Power

So, in the quest for new reality TV shows, since all of mine ended with people winning that I didn't think should win (Project Runway, I Want To Work For Diddy, etc....) I saw a commercial for the new show that will grab my attention next month. 50 Cent and MTV present: The Money and the Power. A Donld Trump Apprentice-stlye reality show in which the contestants compete in challenges to win $100,000 if 50 thinks they have what it takes to become the next big business mogul. Read on from

After the contestants convene in New York City, they will live and work together while competing to master the business skills that took 50 Cent off the streets and made him a household name. Each week, their drive, determination and smarts will be put to the test as 50 Cent narrows his search by quizzing the candidates' knowledge while pushing them to their limits. It's all in a days work.

While vying for The Money and the Power, the contestants are put through physically and mentally grueling challenges, like running through the streets of Brooklyn chained together and competing in a trash-talking contest. In the end, it comes down to street smarts vs. book smarts. And only one can prevail...

Ultimately, 50 Cent will hand over a wad of cash to the person who possesses the strongest combination of ambition, fearlessness and business flair. The money could help pave the way for the winner to become the next great business mogul, and the gesture lets 50 Cent give someone the helping hand he never had. And it could just turn out to be his best investment yet.

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Kisha said...

I was so pissed at Project Runway, Korto should had won, she rocked the whole season. But I know we will see her soon.

NaturallyMe said...

50 is so damn ugly.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if its just my computer but the yellow print against the white background is not working. I have to highlight the page to read whats going on.

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