Wednesday, September 10, 2008

StyleRazzi Nerd Moment- The Large Hadron Collider

Truth be told (or in my most annoying Wack-si Rocsi voice "True Story", I'm such a nerd in real life. I was watching this thing on the History Channel last night about this big machine they have been building since 1983 caled the LHC aka Large Hadron Collider. It'son the French-Swiss border, is 17 miles in radius, 100 meters underground, cost about $10 billion dollars to build and what they are doing is using it to re-create the "big bang" and try to learn how the universe was created. The thing is amazing. According to the show I watched last night, the building of the machine is what led to the creation of the world wide web and also alot of the wireless stuff we have now.

I first saw a snippet about the LHC yesterday when I spent the majority of my morning on Black Girl in the City. So, I was super geeked last night when, by pure coincidence, the program came on the History Channel. Some people are saying that this thing is dangerous because the scientists really can't predict what is going to happen when they collide the protons together at speeds faster than any of us can even imagine. Even last night on the program, one of the scientists said they didn't know what they were going to find during this experiment. They didn't know if they were going to finally be able to see dark matter, if another dimension outside of the 3 dimension world we live in now would be found, if they would discover the "God Particle", etc........ I agree with Black Girl in the City when she said something along the lines of how we need to know what is going on around us. Especially something of this magnitude. This machine is going to be full of radiation and is cooled by hydrogen- basically dangerous materials that could kill us all. Anywhoo, read this little snippet about what will be going on in the world today while we are all at work not even thinking about "The Big Bang Theory". What we need to also remember is that some scientists and physicists are also aethesists so they do not believe that God (or whoever you believe the creator to be) created this world. They believe that everything has a scientific beginning. So, basically they want to try to recreate their idea of the beginning of our existence and the creation of the universe with this machine. Draw your own conclusion! I pretty much believe that anything they discover with this super machine will be beyond tha average person's comprehension anyway so we really won't immediately understand the findings, if they find anything. CLICK HERE to read the link that breaks this ting down to layman terms!!!!

Today, at about 8.30am British time, scientists will attempt to introduce a beam of protons – the nuclei of hydrogen atoms – into the 27km circular tunnel that forms the backbone of the LHC experiment. The aim ultimately is to get two proton beams circulating at 99.9999991 per cent of the speed of light, but in opposite directions, so that they can both collide into each other.

However, all that will be attempted today will be to get one beam into the tunnel to complete one full circuit. The switch on, therefore, is largely symbolic. Within the next few days, though, the second beam will be put into the machine, but scientists are not expecting any collisions between the beams for several more weeks. It could be some time before the beams are powered up to the very high energy levels needed for meaningful collisions to take place.

What are they hoping to discover? Many things. Essentially they are trying to find out what else matter is made of – the sub-atomic particles that have yet to be found – and how it is all stuck together. Ultimately, there is the hope of unifying all the fundamental forces of nature into a single "theory of everything" that can explain everything from the strong, short-acting forces holding an atomic nucleus together to the relatively weak, long-range forces acting between planets and galaxies – otherwise known as gravity. One early discovery may be to find the Higgs boson, a fundamental particle that has never been detected.

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Black Girl said...

%$#(@%*( Now I'm cussing because I missed that damn special. LOL

Razzi said...

it was good!!!! i learned so much during that hour. more than any news report i read today had to say. it was very interesting. i hadn't heard anything about it until i read your blog yesterday and now i think i'm an EXPERT!!! LMAO!!!

p.s. LOVE your site!!!!! it's my new favorite blog!!!

michelle said...

i think its dangerous. Nastrdamus predicted its going to kill all of our asses

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