Monday, September 8, 2008

StyleRazzi Mini VMA ReCap

The VMA's went down last night and this is honestly the first year i have EVER watched them completely from beginning to end. I LOVED them. The performances were hot and Russell Brand was a great no-holds-barred host!!!!! Kanye's performance was the best of the night. I also, surprisingly, loved the rock band performance. I forget the name of the group but the lead singer chick with the yellow pants has an amazing voice. She get's my props for being able to sing in tune while flinging her head back and forth!!!!!! Rihanna was HAWT!!!! I wasn't feeling TI's first portion of his performance. It seemed so staged, probably like it was supposed to seem.

What part didn't I like? Ciara and Lindsay Lohan. Did anyone else hear them complaining about the size of their little platform when they thought the camera was off? Ciara also did a red carpet interview with an MTV correspondent and her fakeness was oozing through the television.

Lil Wayne also did his thing. Did anyone catch when he said "Shout out to my date?" I promise I was looking in the crowd all night to see who he came with. He also kissed someone sitting behind him when he received his 2nd awards. Looked like an older white woman to me but I'll have to check it again during one of the million reruns on MTV!!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the night. I don't know what she was thinking on the red carpet but Rihanna's other outfits were HOT!!!

She and Chris Brown are so adorable, with their semi-matching star tattoos!!!! For high resoultion replays from last night, head over to .

And FYI for those who care. The BET Hip-Hop Awards I believe are going to be held on October 18th in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Civic Center once again.

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