Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So the Republican John McCain's pick for his Vice Presidential running mate has a 17 year old pregnant daughter! We are all aware of the situation. I was going to just bypass this story but I just couldn't. I was up late last night watching news programs at 1am where they were trying to skate over the fact that Sara Palin's child is pregnant. News commentators trying to make it seem ok that a high school senior is about to have a child while her mother is running for vice president of the White House. And so what Bristol Palin is marrying the father of her child? Does that make it better that two 17 year old children are about to have a baby together.

I read a story on the AJC this morning stating that Levi Johnston, the father of the child, is traveling to the Republic Convention tonight. The article also mentioned that the boy's mother wouldn't say whether or not her son graduated from high school- she simply says he is "no longer a student and more information would have to come from him". So, now we have two 17 year olds, on of which it sounds like to me dropped out of high school, and they are about to have a child together before the other one graduates!!!!!! Let's not sugarcoat the situation, Republicans. Have they even said anything yet about the photos showing Bristol consuming alcohol and holding guns (spotted photos at Bossip)? If she is doing all of this while in Alaska, what the hell do they think is going to happen if McCain is elected and this child is moved to Washington, D.C. aka Chocolate City?!?!? Talk about Girls Gone Wild!

There is a clear double standard in America. In the past year, Britney Spears 16-year old sister has had a child, a group of suburban white high school girls in the northeast of the country made a "pregnancy pact" to have babies while still in high school, and now the vice presidential candidate's daughter is pregnant but the media is painting this as "something that American families are dealing with" as the reason we shouldn't look down on Sara Palin. I remember when Fantasia was on American Idol and it was revealed that she was asked to excluded herself from the competition or at least hide the fact that she was a single mother. So, it wasn't ok for an American Idol to be a young unwed mother but it's ok for us not to expect more from the child of a woman who could possibly become President if John McCain's geriatric @ss gets elected and kicks the bucket while in office?!?!

Honestly, it's not so much the pregnancy that bothers me. It's the fact that the republicans try to smear the Obama family and the democratic party every chance it gets. Any little tiny thing is taken out of context and made much bigger in an attempt to slander the Obama's character and lessen his chances of being elected president. But, the moment something major like this pregnancy story breaks, we are supposed to just look past it? The Republicans tried to make a big deal about Michelle Obama bringing her children out at the end of her speech last week but it's ok for Sara Palin to speak with her pregnant daughter standing behind her holding an infant, (a infant that it's being speculated is actually her child and not her mother's child). What we also don't know is if Bristol really wanted to have an abortion but that decision wasn't an option because of Republican's strong opposition to a woman's right to choose. These aren't the type of people we need in the White House. People that try to decieve, cover-up and sugar coat the truth aka Republicans. Just my thoughts...........

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virgovixxen said...

very well written Razzi--its vert true and I agree with what you are saying. it is a double standard, and even though teenage pregnancy is rampant throughout this country, I dont think its ok for the vice president's daughter to be included in that-just my opinion, not the law

Anonymous said...

I also agree with eveything that you wrote. This whole situation has been given me a headache with all the republican lies, coverups and sugarcoating. If Barack had a 17 year old daughter and she was pregnant, whether or not the father of the child married her..his chances of being president would be 0% right now. They (reps) would shred him and his child to pieces! I was a teenage mother when I was 19 and it was not easy and just the fact that these jerks are making it seem like it is something so wonderful and right is making me sick.

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