Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Friday the Last Day For the Hot 107.9 A-Team?

Is Friday the last day for the Hot 107.9 A-Team? I would hate to speculate but a commercial I heard this morning has Rashan Ali herself saying that, starting Monday, she will be holding down the 10am-2pm time slot. As of August 30th, Rickey Smiley's manager was in negotiations to add his syndicated morning show to Hot 107.9 but nothing had been finalized. Is it possilbe that the negotiations have ended and we could be hearing Rickey Smiley starting Monday morning? If so, I know I WON'T be listening!!!!

The Hot 107.9 website has already been updated with the new time slots. It looks like Emperor Searcy will be back doing the afternoon drive with Ms. Shyneka. I did like it before when they worked as a team so that's definitely a good look!!!! I know change is constant but sometimes I feel change is unnecessary. The only thing I like about this change is that it puts Rashan Ali in direct competition with V-103's Porsche Foxx, and I would much rather spend my 10am-2pm listening to Rashan than hearing Porsche's awfully engineered show!!!!! I wish Rashan the best in her new timeslot and I will definitely be tuned in everyday!!!!!!!

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lpurifoy73 said...

I think that Rashan will do an awesome job against Porsche Foxx. It will be good hear Emperor Searcy with Mz. Shyneka again. They always made a great time. I don't listen to Hot 107.9 in the morning. I like the A-Tean but their music and conversation is too "young and crunk" for me. I won't be listening to Rickey Smiley but I hate to see the local talent being shifted around.

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