Tuesday, September 16, 2008

F#CK the Recession- I Want LAMB!

So, the homie over at Pink Diamond PR Blog is about to make me go outside of my financial recession budget I have set for myself. I almost threw-up when I saw these booties on her site. They are the LAMB Camben bootie- $434!!!!! Definitely not a smart buy during the recession so I will wait until Baker's or Steve Madden come uout with the bootleg pair next season!!!!!!!!

These LAMB Noel pumps are also killing me softly. I've always been a fan of green & gold (for obvious reasons for those who really know me)!!!!!

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Kisha said...


Kisha said...


Anonymous said...

U right, dem mofo's are hot!!!!!!!!

Pinkie said...

Yikes..... noooooooo thise Noel pumps is the hauteness...... shhhyyyyyyttttttttttt...... Stealing from you!! LOL!

Indigo69 said...

HAWT!!! I am a Green and Gold Fan too. NSU Spartans!

Both shoes are FIERCE! I am with you though. Will wait for the knock-offs. Have a child to put thru colege next year.! LOL

Recessions SUCK!!!!! LOL

Bay Area!! said...

I forgot all about the recession when I purchased me a pair of $400 Charles David Boots! Go for it girl ;)

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