Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trae the Truth vs. Who? Mike Jones!!!

So, last night at the Ozone Awards, Trae and Mike Jones got into a physical altercation in the backstage area. Supposedly, the two had an unknown conversation before Trae struck Jones for no reason. Mike Jones is calling it a "publicity stunt" but, from knowing Trae personally, I know he has no reason to cause a publicity stunt- especially over someting negative. Everyone from the SouthWest region knows who Trae is
and, though Mike Jones may have national recognition, I know Trae would rather be known as real to the streets than nationally known as a commercial rapper (even though Trae be in everybody and they mama's videos!!!!!!)!!!!

Check the links for the videos of the incident, Trae responding and Mike Jones responding! Im'ma need Trae to enroll in some anger management courses ASAP!!!!! I'm only speaking as an old friend, homie- ANGER MANAGEMENT!

Some folks were trying to say that Trae was no where to be found after the incident occurred but, as you can see here, he was clearly at Club Venue for the official After Party that included other local celebs like Chamillionaire and Big Bank Hank!!!!

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