Monday, August 11, 2008

TI Giving Us A Glimpse of AKOO

TI has recently been spotted on a couple video sets rocking his "AKOO- A King of Oneself" clothing line.

You may remember seeing a sample of his line initially on the cover of XXL last year.

CLICK HERE to check out the premiere photoshoot for the AKOO Clothing line with DJ Drama, The Dream, and others on set. Also, check out this photo snagged from TheYBF of TI on the set of Maino's "Hi Hater's" video shoot (below) and also some shots from him on the set of "Swing Your Rag" (above).
As you can see, The King is rocking an AKOO shirt. I need to see more from this line before I can put my official stamp of approval on it!!!! The white shirt is alright, I'm feeling the orange though :-)

Here is a bonus shot of TI and his son (who is absolutely adorable) on the set of the "Swing Your Rag" video. Personally, I wouldn't put a "rag" on my son's face but TI CAN DO WHATEVER HE LIKES!!!!!!! (photo source 1 & 2)

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Anonymous said...

wow hes got to be the dumbest fuck in clothing history. U cant use the O in the owrd OF as an ititial, it goes against grammar...but i guess if drug dealers and thug wanna bes is going to be wearing it, it doesnt matter

Anonymous said...

TI you dress nice I LOVE THE PSC chan

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